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Scootsy- Your Local Online Delivery Store

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In times like today’s, we don’t realize how much we are caught up to get our basic things done like shopping or grabbing a meal and the alike. But that is exactly when local delivery comes in the picture. With Scootsy, anything and everything is now at your doorstep. No matter what you need, we have it delivered! Right from food to clothes to gifts; we help you with your every want!

In a city like Mumbai, there is only little time left for self; due to the traffic, fast moving lifestyle and our high-end jobs. We make it easier to provide you online delivery from the best places in Mumbai; the best restaurants and bakeries and boutiques and gift shops! We are all around the streets of Mumbai in our shining orange helmets, trying to rescue you!

The moment you start looking for food delivery near you or home delivery of your shopping, think of us! Our array of categories include Restaurants, Food Stores, Sweets and Bakes, Gifts, Boutiques, Sports, Toys and Games and Electronics. We show you restaurants and stores near you making online delivery and local delivery come together. With this tool in your hand, you are giving us an opportunity to make your life easier. So, next time you are looking for some online shopping or delivery, you know where to come back!

What makes us different?

Instant gratification

From making your life easier in terms of ordering food to your last-minute shopping for other things, all for you within an hour! This combines local delivery and online shopping in one app for you and this becomes your one-stop shop for everything.

Online shopping has never been this easy with getting anything you want instantly in just an hour. Broke a button of your shirt and need one urgently for a meeting or need a dress for a party you decided on going just now? Scootsy it! Need a gift for your wife on her birthday and you just remembered it is her special day? Scootsy it! Some guests came-in last minute for dinner and you need to arrange for food or forgot your lunch back home and need to grab a quick thing? Scootsy it! Feel like a macaron right in the middle of the day or need a roll at midnight? Scootsy it!

So, you see there is more than just food delivery and we believe in rescuing you from any and every situation. Be it a fashion emergency or one with food, we are here rescuing you with our orange helmets on instantly!


With us, you can pre-order, so you know you are covered for the time you need rescuing. Pre-ordering feature can be used in all the categories including food, electronics, gifts and the others. If there is a time you know you would need your local delivery of something for a pre-planned occasion, we reserve it for you. You can choose a day and a time slot and we will deliver it to you just then.

If it is your loved one’s birthday or anniversary, you can pre-order your gift and stay carefree on the special day. If you plan on eating fresh breads from your favourite bakery, pre-order it and we will get the special breads baked the day you want them and deliver it right at your doorstep. If you are a crazy bibliophile, pre-order your favourite author’s upcoming book and receive it before anybody else right on the day of the launch to everybody else’s envy! Isn’t that cool?

Gift anything

How awesome will it be to do an online delivery of your gift to your loved one right at their doorstep! We do just that for you! Now with us, you can literally gift anything! From food to sweets to clothes and more.

All you have to do is take your pick, put in the number and the address of the person you want to gift it to, pick a day and time slot and there, your gift will be delivered! No matter what you want to give them, will gift wrap it and send it to your loved one to make their day! You can also add a special message and we will give them the note with their gift.

You can literally gift someone a meal, a cake, flowers, electronics, clothes and everything else from Scootsy. We are here to make your mom’s birthday special, your husband’s lunch great, your friend’s coffee time better and make every other loved one of yours to feel extra special with our gifting feature. So, the next time you want to get an online delivery done for someone you love, you know where to come!