10 Best Chinese Restaurants in Mumbai

If you love Chinese, this list will make you drool! Look for the best Chinese restaurants in Mumbai here and order right away!

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2017)

The rising interest in Chinese food in India these days is surprising yet justified. The amazing dishes and blast of flavours that this cuisine provides is truly unbelievable. Hence, to make things easier for you when those hunger pangs hit untimely, we have a list of places you can order best Chinese food from in Mumbai. Here, have a look down for best Chinese restaurants in South Mumbai:

  1. Mamagoto

 Chinese restaurants- mamagoto

This Pan-Asian restaurant is probably one of the best restaurants for Chinese in Mumbai. Call in for their delicious and infamous Wan Chai Midnight Chicken when hungry!
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  1. Mainland China

 Chinese restaurants- mainland-china

 We all vouch for Mainland China any day, don’t we? There is so much to try here including the fabulous Chicken Siu Mai, Chilli Garlic Noodles and 81 Treasure Soup.
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  1. Five Fat Monks

Chinese Restaurants- five-fat-monks
Courtesy: Firstpost- Junisha Dama

Five Fat Monks is the latest addition to best Chinese restaurants in Mumbai! The most recommended dish from this place is their yummy Savoury Prawns.
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  1. Royal China

Chinese restaurants- royal-china

 Royal China is yet another authentic Chinese restaurant in Mumbai you must order in from when craving for some great Chinese food. Try their Kung Pao Prawn In Spicy Sauce, Prawn Cheung Fun and Crispy Duck Spring Roll.
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  1. BusaGo


Try BusaGo’s Barbeque Chicken Bao if you want to try something amazing when hungry. This restaurant thoroughly deserves to be in the list of best Chinese restaurants in Mumbai.
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  1. Ling’s Pavilion

Courtesy: Yatin Gadgil

Here is your chance to taste some authentic yummy Chinese food! Try Ling’s Pavilion in Colaba. We recommend their Beef Chilly, Roast Duck and Crab Nanking Soup.
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  1. Asia Kitchen by Mainland China


This latest restaurant by Mainland China is an ode to Pan Asian cuisines. There is nothing better than their Assorted Vegetables in Chilli Basil.
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  1. Wok Express


This is a revolution in on-the-go food category. Now you can make your own wok by selecting your own base, veggies/meat and sauces.
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  1. Pan of Asia


The best thing about this place that gets it into our list of best Chinese restaurants in Mumbai is their ‘Asia in Box’ meal.
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  1. Asian Street Kitchen

Asia Street Kitchen
Courtesy: Asian Street Kitchen| Facebook

This is yet another authentic Chinese restaurant in Mumbai you need to try! Look for their delicious soups and dimsums.
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So, the next time you are longing for some great Chinese, you know

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  1. amar 3 years ago

    We tried some of these places they taste’s damm good and soon gonna hit the remaining places too.

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