10 Foods you Must Eat this Winter Season

(Last Updated On: January 24, 2017)

There is no season like winter to gorge onto some delicious food while sitting wrapped in your blanket while watching some TV! So, the perpetually hungry lot that we are, we decided to make you a list of winter season food.  Here, look down and find some delightful dishes that you must eat in winters.

  1. French Onion Soup from The Table

French Onion Soup

A French delight, this is a must-have while it is chilling outside. Meat based and topped with croutons and cheese or sometimes with bread, this is not to give a miss. You can also try other yummy Thai soups from best Thai restaurants in Mumbai; for winters are meant for soups, aren’t they?

Get it here from The Table:

  1. Mac and Cheese from Terttulia

Mac and Cheese

We all love Mac and Cheese and especially when it is from one of the best Italian restaurants in Mumbai! This is also a necessity in the list of winter season food because what better than some hot melting cheese with mac for the season.

Get it from Terttulia here:

  1. Hot Chocolate from La Folie Patteserie

Courtesy: food network

Look for the best hot chocolate form La Folie this winter! Cozy up in your bed with this hot cup of awesomeness in your hand and let the world vanish!

Get it from La Folie Patteserie here:

  1. Classic Pepperoni Pizza from Jamie’s Pizzeria

Classic Pepperoni Pizza

We all love Jamie’s Pizzeria and it is one of the best restaurants in Mumbai for pizza! So, why not grab a classic pepperoni from them and make your day better! Get this from the most-loved Italian restaurant in Mumbai now!

Get it here now:

  1. French Toast from the Sassy Spoon

French Toast

Feel good with this winter food for breakfast from one of the best restaurants in Mumbai, The Sassy Spoon!

Get it here:

  1. Ratatouille from Cafe Mangii

Courtesy: Persimmon and Peach| blogspot

Get this amazing French stewed vegetable dish to make your winter day better. Café Mangii serves the best ones in town!

Get it here:

  1. Cookies from Oh Dough


Feel good by gorging onto delicious cookies from Oh Dough! These are an absolute must to eat in winter. Get it now!

Get it here:

  1. Waffles from The Belgian Waffle Co.

Courtesy: Yammy’s Noshery

Waffles are heavenly in winters and we suggest you indulge in some delicious, mouth-watering waffles from Belgian Waffle Co. Definitely one of the best foods to eat in winter!

Get it here:

  1. Macaroons from Le15 Patisserie


Macaroons are ever welcome on our plate and especially when it is cold outside, it must be sweet inside! Le 15 serves the best ones in Mumbai and you must have them!

Get it here:

  1. Cinnamon and Rasin roll from Salt Water Café

Cinnamon Rasin Rolls
Courtesy: Peng’s Kitchen

Have these awesome bakery buns to feel alright this winter. Salt Water Café serves them the best and there is no reason to say no to them! Go ahead, indulge in this necessary winter food!

Get it here:

So, the next time you crave for something delicious this season, you know what to order!


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