10 Places to Order Food from this New Year’s Eve

This NYE, don’t worry about setting up that party, we have your back covered! Order food from these best restaurants and have a blast at New Year’s Dinner.

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2016)

We all love partying out as we bring in the New Year but the best kind of parties are house parties where you and your loved ones can party hassle-free. The most important concern at house parties is ordering food! Ordering in food during New Year’s Eve can be a task, hence here are few places curated just for your New Year’s Eve dinner by us to plan it a little bit in advance. Check them out!

  1. Long and Short by Intercontinental


This gastro bar has a mix of various cuisines like European, North Indian and more. This is your one pit stop if you are craving for these cuisines. So avoid the whole confusion while ordering food during New Year’s Eve dinner and just scroll your way to Long and Short.

Scootsy Recommends: Assorted Sushi Boat

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  1. Carter’s Blue


Everyone knows about delicious Middle Eastern cuisine at Carters blue and their famous Shawarmas. Guess what, nothing can go wrong with these Shawarmas. If you are up for a light meal then Carters blue is the right place for you. Carters blue will also save you from your late night hunger pangs. Are you all set to order?

Scootsy recommends: Chicken Shawarma

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  1. Busago


This restaurant specializes in Asian cuisine. If you love Thai, Korean, Burmese cuisine, this restaurant is your perfect match. Take your New Year’s Eve dinner up the notch with baos, curries, noodles, and more.

Scootsy Recommends:  Burmese Kaukswe

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  1. Thai Pavilion


This esteemed restaurant in Vivanta by Taj specializes in Thai food ranging from soft shell crabs to authentic Pad Thai Noodles which are a complete delight. This is something you cannot miss! With Scootsy, you can just order your favorite cuisine and sit back and relax at home this New Year’s Eve.

Scootsy Recommends: Kaho Khom Mali

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  1. Coney Island


Are you a pizza lover but cannot eat without messing anything? We bring to you coney pizza, as the name suggests, pizza in a cone, interesting isn’t it? All your different types of favourite pizza are now compact so you can eat it anywhere.

Scootsy Recommends: Meat Lovers Pizza Cone

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       6. Trattoria 


Here we have another favourite pick from the Taj. Trattoria is one of the most famous Italian food in town. With delicious pizzas and homemade pastas, this should surely be in your order in list for New Year’s Eve dinner.

Scootsy Recommends: Lasagne

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  1. Mamgoto


This is our pick in the list of Asian fare. A nice and affordable dinner is what Mamagoto promises. The variety of food ranges from traditional authentic Asian cuisine to some twisted new dishes.

Scootsy Recommends: Panang Curry Bowl

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  1. Punjab Grill


This is one of the most celebrated restaurants in North Indian Cuisine. Order your dinner from Punjab grill and treat yourself with buttery naans, curries and many more delicious and filling Indian foods.

Scootsy Recommends: Dahi Ke Kebab

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  1. Ministry Of Salads


If you are a health freak and don’t want to ruin your New Year’s Eve dinner by indulging in something guilty, Ministry of salad is the right place for you. Healthy and hearty smoothies, sandwiches and tasty salads is what this place offers.

Scootsy Recommends: Watermelon and Feta Salad

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  1. Café Churchill


If you are in mood for some great seafood or just want something light to grab then order their best seafood from our app this New Year’s Eve and enjoy it at the comfort of your own home.

Scootsy Recommends: Chippolati

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