10 Snacks To Munch On While You Watch Game Of Thrones

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2019)

All men must die, but not before learning how season eight of Game Of Thrones ends. That would indeed be cruel! As you wait with bated breath for the last season of your favourite show, we suggest a few interesting snacks that will comfort you whether you’re watching it alone or having a viewing party.

1. Pollo Forza Pizza from Pizza Express

If there’s one thing you can never go wrong with, it’s pizza! It’ll comfort you, even if the one who knows nothing is killed off (no, it’s not a spoiler). The fiery, spicy Pollo Forza Pizza comes with grilled chicken marinated in smoked chilli powder, and is topped with mixed peppers, jalapenos, mozzarella, arrabiata sauce, and chilli oil.

  1. Stake-Out Super-Sized Burger from Woodside Inn

The mountain of all burgers, the Stake-Out Super-Sized Burger has a chicken, pork, and tenderloin patty, along with bacon. It comes with a side of onion rings, coleslaw, house salad and fries. Trust us, you’ll be eating it all through the episode!

  1. Anda Shammi Pao from Social

Just like the mother of dragons, do you love eggs too? Then bite into Social’s Anda Shammi Pao, which is a traditional shammi kebab stuffed with mozzarella and red onions along with a double fried egg.

  1. Nutella Cookie Pizza from Sammy Sosa

You may drink and know things, but did you know of this ultra-indulgent Nutella Cookie Pizza? You sure will want a treat while holding on to your seat as this much-awaited season starts.


  1. The Big Nachos from Cream Centre

Try Cream Centre’s The Big Nachos, which has piled-high nacho chips like the wall, refried beans, vegetables, and salsa dressing. Coming with a lavish drizzle of nacho cheese sauce and sour cream, this one is a North favourite!

  1. Fish & Chips from British Brewing Co

For all those times when your episode is over and you’re left wanting more, BBC’s classic Fish & Chips will keep you company. The deep-fried fish is served with mushy peas, potato wedges and tartar sauce.

  1. Greek Goddess Dip from Foodhall

GoT left with no time to prepare a meal? Order Foodhall’s Greek Goddess Dip with chips. The dip has a creamy, cheesy sauce with fresh herbs and garlic flavour that even the light of the west would not be able to refuse.

  1. Sriracha Veggie Skewers from Irish House

Combat the Others’ icy moves by ordering some fiery Sriracha Veggie Skewers. The Irish House ones are made of grilled babycorn, mushrooms, broccoli, peppers in sriracha sauce and served with cous cous and gherkins.

  1. Taco Salad Bowl from Mexican Express

A meal fit even for the liking of the great rider’s horde, the scrumptious Taco Salad Bowl has crispy tortillas with lettuce, beans, different types of salsas and sauces, a lavish slathering of cheese, and guacamole.

  1. Half A Dozen Crispy Buffalo Wings from Indigo Burger Project

The Half A Dozen Crispy Buffalo Wings are just the thing when you want to binge-watch. Add a twist of Old Monk glaze to it and you have a yummy addition – a delicacy fit to be served in the halls of the kings!

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