10 Things to Eat on a Beautiful Rainy Day

Make your gloomy, rainy day better with these monsoon foods!

(Last Updated On: June 30, 2017)

What are Mumbai rains even without all that traffic and clogging! But the good thing is, there’s food to go with it. There is no feeling better than eating hot, steamy food on a dark, gloomy day. So, whether you are out struggling or you are home curled up in your bed, these monsoon foods will definitely bring a smile on your face.

Look, we have curated 10 best foods for this season, you can thank us later!

  1. Sizzler

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A great sizzler on a rainy day is surely a bliss. The blast of flavours with all the smoke is such a heartfelt meal. Make sure you try it this season.
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  1. Tea/ Coffee

 Tea- coffee
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Now who would deny this! A steaming cup of hot tea/coffee with a great book is a combo to die for. Stay in and watch the city being alive at its best this season with a cup of goodness to go with.
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  1. Paratha

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A yummy aloo or paneer paratha on a rainy day is truly a blessing. Pair it up with a hot cup of tea and feel good all day!
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  1. Indian grills

 Indian grills
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There’s nothing better than binging on amazing Indian grills on a cold rainy day. Go for paneer tikka, Lahori seekh, tandoori murgh, hara bhara kebab and more.
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  1. Momos

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 All you momo lovers please stand up! This heavenly piece of food is a true delight to every food lover’s life. Indulge in delicious veg and non veg momos and let the blues away!
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  1. Rolls

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Rolls are the easiest options to pick and eat on a rainy day, filling and full of crazy flavours, these make your rainy day all the more better.
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  1. Wok box

 Wok Boxe
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Experiment with wok, customise your own warm wok box and eat what you exactly like on a rainy day.
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  1. Samosa

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Indulge in a nice hot samosa on rainy evenings and pair it up with masala chai to make your evenings better.
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  1. Biryani

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While it is raining heavily outside, go for a nice biryani for lunch or dinner and make sure you feel filled and happy!
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  1. Chaat

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 Now there is nothing better than eating some spicy chaat while it pours outside like crazy. Go for pani puri, sev puri, ragdaa and bhel to make your afternoons better.
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So, the next time it is raining heavily this season and you feel like some good food, you know what to order!


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