20 Perfect Gifts for All Stationery Lovers

Because stationery is absolutely HOLY!

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2019)

There is nothing better than being gifted what you love the most and when it comes to stationery, it’s HOLY! It’s not only something you keep on your desk all day, but it’s something that becomes a part of your whole life. If you have someone in your life who loves stationery as much as we do, check these awesome ones out and gift these to them to make their day!

1. Crazy Minion LED Study Lamps

Minion LED Study Lamp

It is designed to be easily and conveniently adjusted using the rotating shaft to present a wide range of different and hilarious positions.
Get these here:

2A Pack of Coffee Stencils 

Coffee Stencils

Made from thin flexible plastic,these cute stencils will bring a spark to their mornings. Now they can decorate their morning cuppa coffee with these shapes that will make them look like an instant pro in latte art.
Get these here:

3. Sliver Bling Personalised Passport Cover

Personalized Passport Cover

This amazing personalised passport cover will win their heart instantly!
Get this here:

4. A Superhero Bookend 

Superhero Bookend

Why carry the weight of all the books, leave that to the superhero!
Get this here: 

5. A Super Creative Jean Jullien Series Notebook 

Jean Jullien Series Notebook

This crazy notebook by Jean Jullien, the French graphic designer and illustrator to make them love notebooks all the more!
Get this here: 

6. A Reading Lamp Bookmark 

Reading Lamp Bookmark

Now they can burn the midnight oil as they read and also make it a super cool bookmark!
Get this here: 

7. Mascara Love Cosmetic Pouch 

Mascara Love Cosmetic Pouch

This is great for carrying in handbag or when travelling. Also, the design was made from an original drawing! Cool, isn’t it?
Get it here: 

8. A Notebook with a Hard Hitting-Message 


An A5-size diary with a cover that has the very thing you feel like saying. This is 100% quirky and worth flaunting!
Get it here: 

9. These Crazy Elements Coaster 

Coaster Element

Sitting with friends and sipping the Elements kept on these beautiful coasters will make their moment more enjoyable.
Get these here:

10. This Mini Typewriter Calendar 

Typewriter calander

Here’s a quaint little 3D Paper Desk Calendar for their mantelpiece, table-top or shelf in the form of a typewriter.
Get it here:

11. This Notebook for All Marlboro Lovers 


Completely handcrafted, it has been designed in a way to give it an old vintage look which makes it unique.
Get it here: 

12. Funky Cutting Chai Coasters 


This eclectic and vibrant set of 6 coasters celebrates the street culture of Bombay. Awesome, isn’t it?
Get it here:

13. An Honest Planner Pad 

Planner pad

Now make it obvious what exactly is going on in their mind when they see the list of never-ending tasks!
Get it here:

14. A Milestone 


Welcome them the adult side with style! Ask them to remember whatever happened in their 20s, stays in 20s.
Get it here:

15. A Wrapping Paper with Tiny Birds 


Looking for the perfect gift wrapping paper for your artsy friend? Look no further!
Get it here:

16. Red Pages with Cute Pig on Cover 


A part of a farm series, the porky pig notebook has a recycled cover. With a hand-stitched spine, the quirky diary is a must-gift for all foodies.
Get it here:

17. A Psychotic Phone Case 


This very honest phone case to give the ones who love cute things but are also psychotic!
Get this here:

18. This Lovely Coffee Mug 


Contemporary design, familiar feelings, and unique style all combined with high grade ceramic in perfect harmony to make your coffee breaks a delight.
Get it here:

19. Block Silicone Stapler 


This funky stapler will surely melt their heart.
Get it here:

20. This Mad Cassette Lamp 


Cassettes- They’ve always treated our ears to music but have they ever treated our eyes? Take a walk down memory lane with your friend and illuminate their past in the present with these signature retro cassette lamps.
Get this here:

So, the next time you meet that crazy stationery loving friend, you know what to gift!

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