5 Bomb Makeup Ideas for this Party Season

December is here, let’s get our preps started for this party season! Look out for some crazy makeup ideas to look your best.

(Last Updated On: December 12, 2016)

Holiday season is here and so are tons and tons of parties! December indeed is the month of the crazy and we all are so very excited, aren’t we? But there is always a downside this eventful month has, which is no enough time to prep for parties including clothes and makeup. So, when you have to go for those parties back to back, the only thing that’ll make you look awesome in all of them is pulling off one statement makeup style.

Hence, we have 5 best single statement makeup ideas for you for this party season. Go ahead, try them and look your best in no time!

  1. Radiant Eyes

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 Your eye makeup speaks a thousand words, but your only word this season should be- GLAM! Go all glamourous with glitter eye shadow or coloured liner to let those eyes make a statement.

  1. Bold Lips

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Bold lipsticks are the trend of the season and what better than a dark and crazy shade of berry? This is the colour of winters and you can rock that party look with just this one bold statement.

  1. Luminous Skin

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 You must be tired running around this December for work and celebrations. What better than getting your skin toned and glowing for that party? Go with creamy highlights around your nose and under your eyes, also the corner of your eyes to look stunning shade of gold or silver.

  1. Lush Brows

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 Brush up that brow and add gel with some good amount of pencil run and powders. Use pencils closest to your brow colour and try your best to shape it up as per your face. There’s nothing as appealing as thick and lush brows!

  1. Fuller Lashes

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Get your face some clean makeup and put multiple coats of mascara on your lashes to make them appear fuller and appealing. You can also go for artificial lashes to up your lashes game further. Blink with style and let your eyes steal the show this time.

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Now go, look your stylish best this season!

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