5 Delicious Sweets that Make Holi a Mouth-Watering Festival


Food is an integral part of any Indian festival and since the traditions are so strong, each festival has its own specialty food.  Not just food but Indian festivals are about going all out on sweets and especially holi sweets are the ones to die for! Holi brings an amazing vibrant energy with it that makes us want to be so happy and play and eat and spend time with our loved ones and that’s exactly how it is supposed to be! So, this Holi share the most mouth-watering sweets with your family and friends and celebrate this festival in its true essence.

If you are unaware of what sweets to go for, we have made a list of 5 delicious Holi sweets you can make at home or order-in this Holi. Have a look!

  1. Gujiyas

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The real king of Holi sweets, Gujiyas are a must-have! It is a sweet made with khoya, dry fruits and powdered sugar stuffing and a covering of suji or maida flour and is undoubtedly one of the most finger-licking Holi sweet you will ever have! This dish hails from North India from states like Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Serve this or eat it yourself, a delicious dish full of gujiyas this Holi! 

  1. Malpuas

Image courtesy: sailu’s food

This is a royal sweet receipe that has roots in the Mughal era and since has been one of the country’s most favourite sweet dishes. A deep fried, melt-in-mouth kind of a sweet, this is an amazing one to include on your list of Holi sweets. Add a dash of dry fruits to it and this dish is a winner everywhere!

3. Thandai 

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Holi is synonymous with Thandai and why not, for this heavenly sweet drink is readily available during this festival. A great way to avoid your aerated drinks and indulge into something natural, cool and delicious this Holi! A great combination of milk, dry fruits and spices; Thadai is our go-to Holi drink and it should be yours too! As it is, the sun is at its full vigour and while you are out playing Holi all day, this coolant makes you calm and gives you a dash of its awesome taste too!

     4. Coconut Ladoos

Image courtesy: whatscookingmom.com

The traditional Holi sweet has to be coconut ladoo! Remember the times when as kids we would help our Grandma prepare coconut ladoos right before Holi? Well, they are an important ingredient in Holi pooja too and hence, their significance. Thus, this delicious sweet that melts in your mouth is definitely a must have on your Holi sweets list.

     5. Kheer

Image courtesy: Archana’s kitchen

A rich sweet dish made for special occasions, kheer is a must have for Holi. There are different kinds of kheers you can try this Holi including rice kheer, moong dal kheer, carrot kheer and more. The essence of this delicious liquidy dish is just out of the world and what better than have it as one of the special dishes for Holi. After all, there is no denying that kheer has always been an important part of the great Indian meals, isn’t it?

So, don’t hesitate, go all out on your sinful indulgence this Holi!

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