5 Ideas to Make Your Holi Party Great Fun

Impress your friends and family by throwing the most happening Holi party this year! How? Look inside for great tips!

(Last Updated On: April 28, 2017)

There is nothing better than throwing your own Holi party at your house! After all, what is Holi even without celebrating it with our family and friends! So, if you are sick of going to mass parties and also want to do something thoughtful this year for your loved ones; trust us, throw a Holi party! It is great fun to make all the arrangements, have fun and at the end be satisfied for having pulled of a crazy party like this!

So, if you are looking to have your own Holi party, we have some amazing ideas to make your Holi party the best in town! Look down; we have listed 5 best Holi party ideas that will make sure your party is a hit!

  1. Sufficient supply of colours

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When throwing a Holi party, make sure you have a sufficient supply of colours to make it last all day and for all your guests. This is the most important thing! You wouldn’t like to leave your own party to hunt colours in the middle of the day, would you? It is wise to order your supply well in advance. Also, make sure you invest in organic, eco-friendly colours making it safe for your guests, so they can play a carefree Holi!

  1. The right music

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No party is complete without music and that too, the right kind of music! Get your speakers and music system ready to rock it out this season. Keep your playlist ready with all kinds of Bollywood Holi songs and some other western party and dance numbers to have a mixed mood to the party! Wouldn’t it be so much fun to shake a leg on your favourite number with your most loved ones? Well, that’s what festivals are for, to get loved ones together!

  1. The perfect Holi food

Holi food
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There is absolutely no way an Indian celebration is over without food and especially when it is a festival like Holi. Keep the snacks like gujiya, samosas and the alike ready to have a bite every now and then while playing and for lunch, just place an order from any authentic Indian restaurant and get your food delivered hassle-free. What better than enjoying your own party than running around arranging for food! Call for some great Indian delights and make your party is the most memorable one!

  1. Holi drinks

Holi drinks
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Holi is known for its awesome drinks and what will a Holi party be even without all those amazing drinks! Call in for some delicious thandai, ice creams, mocktails, lemon juice, chaas and more! Keep the drinks circulating while the party is on to keep all your guests happy and hydrated all the time with these amazing drinks!

  1. Fun games for Holi

Holi games
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Then there are games that come with every Indian festival! This is the best part as you get to bond with your friends and family on a personal level. You can play board games or you can play outdoor games. There is so much to do! Right from musical chair to cards to passing the parcel and balloon games; there is a lot you can do!

So, this Holi, throw the most awesome party you can, Happy Holi!

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