6 Best Brownies in Mumbai

There’s no love better than love for brownies! Check out our list to find the best brownies in Mumbai for all you dessert addicts.

(Last Updated On: December 12, 2016)

The US recently celebrated National Brownie Day and we can’t not think of brownies since then! The fudgy, gooey little portions of joy are just what we need this Christmas, don’t we? Also, this is one dessert that almost everybody is in love with. So, considering that we can’t get over brownies, we have hunted the best brownies that we can get our hands on in our city.

If you are a brownie lover and from Mumbai, well here is a list that will fulfill all your sweet desires. Have a look!

  1. Just Chocolate by Sleight of Hand

1 Brownies
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This place was a go-to place in Mumbai before all the other newly found bakeries and dessert places came into existence. Though there are wide varieties of brownies here, but their classic Just Chocolate brownie is to die for.
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  1. Belgian Chocolate Brownie by Le Pain Quotidien

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The amazing Belgian Chocolate Brownie by LPQ is definitely a try for a Mumbaikar or if you are visiting Mumbai. They look like nice chocolate cupcakes, trust us these things will get you drooling right there.
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  1. Roasted Almond Chocolate Brownie by Country of Origin

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The brownies here at the Country of Origin are too mouth-watering and if you love desserts, their Roasted Almond Chocolate one is for you! You can also try Double Chocolate and the Hazelnut Crème.
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  1. Nutella Brownie by Le 15 Patisserie

Image courtesy: Completely Delicious (This image is for representation purpose only)

Le 15 known for its amazing confectionery, especially their out-of-the-world macrons is totally stealing the show with their Nutella Brownie. This is a treat for all you crazy Nutella lovers!
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  1. Gooey Chocolate Brownie by Sugar Rush

 5 brownies
Image courtesy: Em the Baker (This image is for representation purpose only)

The most amazing Gooey Chocolate Brownie by Sugar Rush is something you must try, if you like your brownies mushy and full of chocolate, this is an obvious choice.
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  1. Sizzling Brownie Sundae by New Yorker

6 brownies
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This is an absolute must-have! There is no brownie list complete without a great sizzling brownie and this one by New Yorker is unbeatable in town. This one will totally make your dessert game strong!
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 So, the next time you feel like brownies, you know where to go! Happy feasting!

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