6 Best Make-Up and Hair Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Look like the fashion Goddess that you are on that special Valentine’s Day date with these trendy make-up and hair ideas. See here!

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2019)

Valentine’s Day is here and we are sure you want to rock that date look like never before! Whether it is a grand date or just something at home, it is absolutely necessary to look and feel your best on this day while being around your love. So, to help you slay that appearance, we have curated some easy yet gorgeous make-up and hair ideas here, have a look!

  1. Make-up: Glitter love

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Keep it bomb yet low-key with amazing glitter eyes yet nude lips this Valentine’s Day.  This is one look you can rock easily and is not going overboard too. Pick your favourite glitter eye shadow and make him get lost in your dazzling eyes instantly.

  1. Hair: Twisted crown braid

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Make that princess like hair but with a twist! Go for a twisted crown braid and throw on a cute little dress to go with it. This look works for both outdoor and indoor dates and will definitely show your locks in high standards.

  1. Make-up: Nude it up

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If you want to play it sober, go for a simple yet classy look. Use browns and bronze on your skin and give a touch up of a light coloured lipstick to finish it well. Sometimes, beauty is all about looking simple. So, if you don’t feel like doing it extra this Valentine’s Day, go for this instead.

  1. Hair: Bouffant Bun

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A bouffant bun will never fail you! A hairdo that can go with the classiest dress and even with your regular everyday outfit. Well, there is something about a messy bun and when done perfectly, it will definitely make you stand out.

  1. Make-up: Bold look

Bold look
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Look like a fashion goddess that you are with some bold make-up for that Valentine’s Day date! Go with fuller lips, bold colours! Put on a cherry or red lipstick and steal all the light right there! You can also add some extra colour to your eyes if you want to look bolder.

  1. Hair: Dutch fishtail braid

dutch fishtail
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Go for a Dutch fishtail braid if you love doing your hair. This is one dreamy hairdo for a Valentine’s Day date and goes absolutely well with any outfit.

Get all your Valentine make-up here: We hope this helps you, go rock that Valentine’s date now!

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