6 Foodhall Items We Are Ordering Right Now

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2019)

Exotic vegetables, imported noodles, even rare cheese types, you can find it all at Foodhall. And now it’s even easier to get your pick of essentials from this gourmet food store. From purple corn to white chia seeds, impress your guests with these unique items that you may not find elsewhere.

1. Purple Corn

Hailing all the way from Peru, purple corn isn’t just a colourful addition to your salad – it is also packed with nutrients. With a distinguishable sweet and slightly nutty taste, this one is ideal for a South American feast at home. Besides purple corn, you can also order markoot leaves, white cucumber, and edible flowers on Foodhall.

2. Lamb Rack

Rich in protein, vitamin, minerals, vitamins and taste, a quality rack of lamb makes an ideal centre dish for your party. Add herbs for a Mediterranean-style recipe or have a classic roast. Besides the rack, you can also call for Atlantic salmon and organic odourless eggs.

3. Pacari Organic Chocolate – Cuzco Pink Salt and Nibs

Organic 70% dark chocolate mixed with textured cacao nibs and Maras mine’s pink salt creates an exceptionally sweet and salty taste in each bite, and is perfect for a mid-week indulgence. Besides this personal favourite, you can order in other Pacari chocolates, Fazer and Cavaliar bars, and more.

4. Everything Japanese

Hosting an Oriental dinner at home? We recommend you order in a range of Japanese food items. Try the Japanese Choice Nori Seaweed, enoki mushrooms, Bifun Mitoku noodles, and Enso Sushi Kit. The Foodhall Pantry section is a treat for those who de-stress while cooking. Browse and order other unique items such as Hintz Cocoa Powder and Urbani Black Truffle.

5. Illy Espresso Caffe in Grani Coffee Beans – Dark Roasted

Our morning essentials include the 100% arabica beans Illy Espresso Coffee. Medium roast with a hint of caramel and chocolate.

6. Proagri White Chia Seeds

A healthy addition to any dish, these white chia seeds are high in fibre and low in calories. The white colour adds aesthetically to your daily smoothies or salad bowl. Along with this, load up your meals with melon seeds, organic berries and dates, also available on Foodhall.


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