6 Great Drinks For A Summer Party

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2019)

Planning to call your friends home for dinner? Expecting your girl gang to congregate and gossip? Want to throw a formal brunch? Well, then, a party for any occasion is incomplete without good drinks. Add some flavour to your soirée with some cool summer drinks. We’ve picked six awesome drinks that are perfect for a summer party.

1. Fresh Mango Milkshake by Coffee By Di Bella

A summer gathering definitely calls for mangoes, in all forms. Sip away your summer blues with a rich mango milkshake that’s loaded with ice cream, delicious whipped cream and dollops of mango puree.

2. Butterfly Pea Ice Tea by Nara

Add a twist to the good old iced tea with Nara’s butterfly pea flower iced tea. The bright blue flower lends the tea a stark hue and a dash of lime transforms it into a glorious purple. The infusion of lime gives a citrusy and refreshing flavour to this chilled drink.

3. Mango Virgin Mojito by Sammy Sosa

Ditch the regular mojito and make it more seasonal and sweet by opting for a Mango Virgin Mojito. This ice-laden drink has all the summer ingredients – mango, mint and lemon.

4. Orange Vojito by D:OH!

D:OH! has created a fruity-high drink with fresh malta orange and green apples that are muddled with mint and fresh lemonade. It is a healthy drink due to the fresh fruits in it. You can enjoy it with extra ice to beat the heat and also stay hydrated.

5. Summer Glory by Tea Villa Cafe

This makes a great summer drink due to its citrusy fruits and a touch of earthy flavour. The cold treat has lemongrass added into pineapple juice and orange juice, with a hint of crushed ginger and lots of ice.

6. Double Mango Frappuccino by Starbucks

This yummy beverage has Alphonso mangoes with the goodness of milk and whipped cream. It also has a layer of chunky mango jelly – double mango goodness!

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