6 Scrumptious Holi Snacks To Bite Into

(Last Updated On: June 14, 2019)

Playing with bright colours, splashing water and sharing moments with loved ones – what can make the festival of Holi better? One word: snacks. While sweets make up a big part of the Indian festive menu, popular Rajasthani namkeens and North Indian bites are also a big hit. Here’s a list of delectable and savoury items you must have this Holi.

1. Papri Chaat

Hailing from the streets of Delhi, papri chaat is a treat for lovers of sweet, spicy and tangy taste. Every bite has a burst of different flavours. Made from crispy rice bites or puri, it is topped with boiled potatoes, chickpeas, different chutneys and yoghurt. Get your fill of this mouth-watering dish here.

2. Dhuska

A Holi special in Bihar and Jharkhand, dhuskas are fried balls made of basmati rice and gram flour batter, with chillies and a dash of garlic. If you want to serve children, ditch the chillies and add onions to it. Serve hot with a potato vegetable or pickle.

3. Dal & Peas Kachori

Deep-fried wheat buns stuffed with different dals and masala complete any Holi party menu. Popular in Western India, kachoris are also stuffed with peas, potato and chillies as well as a spicy red chilli paste. It is served with chutney, yoghurt or chilli oil. Bite into a fresh, hot kachori by ordering it here.

  1. Samosa

Deep-fried potatoes in a snug triangle-shaped flour wrap is just what the festival of Holi needs! Almost all Indian occasions need a serving of this scrumptious delight. Add cheese and corn or exotic vegetables instead of potatoes to give an international twist to your dish. Fun fact: Samosas are originally a Middle-Eastern dish and are popular across Asia. Order hot samosas here.

  1. Kanji ke Vade

Rajasthan’s popular dish for Holi, the kanji vada is an underrated, but important, addition to your festive party menu. Crispy-fried dal balls form the base of this dish. The added flavour and aroma comes from a watery gravy made from asafoetida, chillies and other spices boiled in a clay pot and dried in the sun. Now, this one seems worth a try on Holi!

  1. Peanut Pakode

Peanut pakode, or bhajias, are ideal for those bhang and alcohol-induced times. Fried in gram flour and rice flour batter, the nuts are garnished with a mix of spices and salt. Add it to your papri chaat, and you’ve got a whole new dish.

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