7 Adorable Accessories to Decorate Your Desk

Wish to set up your desk? Look beautiful desk accessories for study desk or work desk and branded shops to order online.

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2016)

Being an organized person has always been on our wishlist. Be it our wardrobe or our room, we always had that thought about how do we just sort things and keep everything in its place. Wouldn’t life be so much easier if you would never have to walk into a messy room, or you wouldn’t have to spend hours on trying to clean up your wardrobe. All this cannot happen overnight, you need to do the basics first. So let’s try something easier, like setting up your perfect study desk or work desk with these desk accessories available on Scootsy.

1) Paperweight:

If more than half of your desk is occupied by papers, then a paperweight is your all in one solution. Not only does it make your desk look organized, but it also gives you more space to accommodate your other necessities. A colourful, attractive paperweight only adds to the neatness of your desk.

Our recommendation: Egg Volcano Paperweight by Flintstop.

Egg Volcano Paperweight

2) Clip Board and Paper Set:

If you just need something in handy while you’re making notes or trying to jot down something important, then Clip Board and paper set is all you need. You don’t even have to worry about losing any of the papers as this comes as a package, and you can add as many papers as you want to.

Our recommendation: Clip Board and Paper Set Ocean by ProShop24

Clip Board and Paper Set

3) Memo pads:

You may, at times, need to jot something as basic as a contact number, or any important date, for which you wouldn’t want to use the papers from your clipboard. That’s where a memo pad comes in the picture. Having a set of these would ensure that you have all the information, as basic as it may be, right on your desk.

Our recommendation: Memo Pad (Set of 8 pieces) by Magnolia Design

Memo Pad

4) Sticky notes:

These are similar to memo pads, except that you can discard them when you no longer need it. Ideally used for making a to-do list, you can stick this on your desk as a reminder of important tasks that you intend to complete, and remove them when you’ve completed it.

Our recommendation: Mumbai Tick it by Happily Unmarried

Sticky Notes

5) Book Mark:

Gone are the days when you used a piece of paper or pressed flowers to mark the page of the book that you were currently reading. You do not need any of these, when you have an attractive alternative like book marks. These are easily distinguishable and would always be preferable over any of the formerly used alternatives, owing to their colours, shapes and sizes

Our recommendation: BookMark by ItsOurStudio


6) Pen Stand:

No desk can ever be even close to the perfect one if it has no pen stand on it. You can’t just have all your pens, pencils and other stuffs scattered over your desk. Instead, you could always use a pen stand and put all your necessities in it. So no more worrying about losing your pens, as you now have them all at one place.

Our recommendation: Cityscape Urban Pen Stand by Random In Tandem

Cityscape Urban Pen Stand

7) Planner:

If you have difficulty trying to schedule your days, week or months, then a planner is all you need. With the 4 IN 1 Planner, you get to make a note of your contacts, budget, shopping and ideas, all at one place. This ensures that you are at your productive best at all times.

Our recommendation: 4 IN 1 planners by Untitled Graphics


That’s all it takes to be a little more organised. So go on, try it out, and you will surely know the difference now.

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  1. Sumeet Chawla 5 years ago

    These are all great accessories. I am definitely going to have that sticky. I believe a coaster is also a must addition as it looks great and prevents stains. Specially, coasters designed according to your favourite TV series, movies or your programming language

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