7 Best Burger Places in Mumbai

Love burgers? Here is your guide to ordering the best burgers in Mumbai! Read on.

(Last Updated On: June 14, 2019)

The world recently celebrated Cheeseburger Day and that got us thinking about burgers in our town. We all love a fat patty with amazing fillings covered up with bread at top and bottom and of course accompanied with some yummy fries or chips. We know the love for burger is deep and real and hence we prepared you a guide to track down best burgers in Mumbai and order them right away. Read on!

  1. Indigo Deli

Credits: Zomato 

Indigo Deli is one stop for vegetarians and non-vegetarians both! They serve some of the juiciest burgers there are. Their Roasted Mushroom and Tofu Burger is a big hit among the vegetarians and the carnivores drool over their Barbeque Pulled Pork Burger. There are also other chicken choices to pick from.
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  1. Café Zoe

Credits: Virendra Jadhav| Zomato

If you are craving for a burger at any time of the day, we suggest you order Café Zoe’s Tenderloin cheese burger with bacon. There will be absolutely nothing else you need after gorging on this pleasure. There are more choices like fish, chicken and veggies to pick from.
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  1. Salt Water Café

Burger 4Credits: Mumbaifoodlord| Zomato

 The amazing Fish ‘N’ Chips Inspired, Smoked Malt Mayo Burger at Salt Water Café is to die for. The mayo dripping scrumptious delight is sure to give you a reason to order again from this place. The CFS Burger, Grilled Lamb Burger and the vegetarian one with smoked mushroom is also a definite try.
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  1. Woodside Inn

Credits: Zomato

 There are plenty awesome burgers to try at Woodside Inn, but our favourite is ‘The Woodside Inn’ Double Cheddar Tenderloin Burger. Made with utmost love and dedication, this burger is to stay in your memories for a long long time! There are more choices like pork, fish and vegetable Italian burger to gorge onto.
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  1. Smoke House Deli

Burger 3
Credits: Vidur Kapoor| Zomato

 Smoke House Deli brings in a lot of options to choose from. Our recommendation is the Pulled Roast Chicken Burger which is absolutely delicious and keeps you wanting for more. There is also Country Style Fried Chicken Burger that’s a stealer!
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  1. Imbiss

Burger 2
Credits: Nirel Dlima| Zomato

 The Ham Burger and the Pork Burger is a must try here! Don’t give it a miss. The perfectly made burger with tasty meat is all you need!
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  1. Burger King

Credits: Zomato

 There is no burger to deny from the Burger King! Get a quick delivery of their delicious Chicken Whopper, Veg Chilli Cheese Melt and Crispy Chicken Burger and many more now!
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So, the next time you are hungry, you know where exactly to order that appetizing burger from!

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