7 Meat-Based Dishes That Can Be Made Vegetarian

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2019)

Are you a vegetarian who loves trying all kinds of food? Do you wish there was a way you could eat typically non-vegetarian dishes, but without the meat? Then we’ve got you covered. Here are seven traditionally meat-heavy dishes that can be made vegetarian.

1. Biryani

Biryani is synonymous with North Indian cuisine, but why should vegetarians be deprived of this spice-laden delicacy? All you need to do is follow the original biryani recipe, but replace the meat with potatoes, mushrooms, assorted vegetables or paneer. Try basmati rice for better taste.

2. Burritos

Undoubtedly one of the most popular Mexican dishes, burritos are delicious and can be eaten on-the-go. You can enjoy the goodness of tortillas without chicken by adding a range of exotic vegetables. Along with the kidney beans, you can add corn, bell peppers, spring onions, iceberg lettuce, jalapenos, and sprinkle some salsa sauce and grated mozzarella cheese on it.

3. Nargisi Kofta

Part of Mughlai cuisine, Nargisi koftas are a must-have for people who like aroma-infused foods. Originally made using eggs and lamb meat, this dish is heavy on pepper and green chillies. To make it veg-friendly, substitute the lamb with cottage cheese, and you’re good to go.

4. Khow Suey

Loaded with the wholesomeness of coconut milk, dipped in beef and egg noodles, this Burmese soup meal also has the tanginess of lemon. The simplest way to make it into a vegetarian soup is to add tofu and plain wheat noodles. Extra lime juice and some lemongrass will help balance out the blandness of the tofu.

5. Dolmas

Thank the Balkans and the people of the Mediterranean region for sharing this unique delicacy that has become popular over the centuries. This stuffed dish primarily contains lamb meat or beef with rice, wrapped in grape leaves. For a vegetarian variant, replace the meat with mushrooms or eggplant and sprinkle some lime juice on it before serving.

6. Shawarma

The humble Middle Eastern street food has kebab-like pieces of marinated lamb stacked vertically in the shape of a cone. Soya nuggets are a great substitute for lamb meat. Or, if you’re a paneer lover, that’s an option too. You can add minutely grated carrots, lettuce, beetroot, onions, celery and red cabbage on the pita bread with the shawarma for added depth of flavour.

7. Dhansak

This Parsi dish has a dal and vegetable gravy, along with chicken or mutton pieces, and is usually served with traditional brown rice. For a vegetarian alternative, switch the meat with red pumpkin, potatoes and tomatoes.

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