7 Reasons Why Your Device Should Have Scootsy App On It

Scootsy App

If you’re a smart phone user, then you’ve probably used Scootsy app as your goto app on a number of occasions. Following are the 7 newly added features that have made it better:

Taste Makers Recommendations

Taste Makers Recommendations

1) Watch out for our Taste Makers recommending the best items to order!

You can order food that has been recommended by renowned chefs .What more would you want, when have the best of the best cuisines being handpicked just for you, and you don’t even have step out of your house to relish it.

2) Lookup the places you regularly order via Spotlight Search

Scootsy helps you order from the places that you frequent through Spotlight Search. Once you’ve placed your order, if you ever need to buy the same product again, all you need to do is look for it on Spotlight Search. So, no need of going through all the categories for your frequently placed orders, when you can easily skip it all using Spotlight Search.

Schedule Date

Schedule Delivery for a Specific Date

3) You can now schedule delivery for a specific date

If you’re one of those who likes it all planned well in advance, then, Scootsy is the right place for you. It gives you the option of choosing a delivery date of your choice within a month of placing your order. You also get to choose the time of delivery which makes it even easier for you to place your order.

4) You can now follow your order with the new optimized tracking feature.

If you’ve placed an order, you’ve probably chosen the date and time of delivery too. If that isn’t enough, with the optimized order tracking feature, you get to closely follow your order. Using Scootsy Maptech, you can now know the exact location of your order when it is being delivered to you.

5) Order feedback-lets us know your experience every time you receive an order.

We know how some of you would still be sceptical about ordering products online, thus after you receive your order you would be asked to give your feedback, wherein you can let us know all about your order delivery. In case of any issues, you can also specify the same, which helps us resolve them. And the best part is that you give an order feedback every time you receive an order.

My Favourites

Favourite Products

6) Now add products too to your favourites.

After browsing and ordering a product, if you somehow feel that you would be ordering it again, then all you need to do is add it to your favourites. Once marked as a favourite, you can easily browse through the list of products that have been placed under your favourites tab, without going through the categories all over again.

7) You can now see the settings page without logging in.

If you’re new to Scootsy and wish to know more about it, you can now do so without logging into the app. The settings page has all the information you need to know, which includes pages like ‘About Us’, ‘Privacy Policy’, and ‘Terms and Conditions’.

With the above features, you wouldn’t have to think twice before downloading the Scootsy app. Do it right away! We’re sure you would rate it a 10 on 10.

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