7 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day Differently

Gone are the days when you did the same old thing each time! Look here for special ideas to spend your Valentine’s Day a little differently this year.

(Last Updated On: February 1, 2018)

Gone are the days when you booked a table outside for a grand date on Valentine’s Day or probably took a vacation together. In today’s times, it’s important to spend your day mindfully with each other and what better than doing it differently than the world! Come together on this day of love and exchange only good vibes, look for love in the smallest things. To make it easier for you, we have made a list of 7 different ways to spend your Valentine’s Day and trust us, you would want to try it instantly! Have a look here!

1. Spa at home

Couple spa
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Feel great relaxing together on this day. Calm your nerves with a brilliant spa at home. Set the mood right with relaxing music and some incense, treat your hair and body together and feel the world slow down around you this Valentine’s Day.

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2. House party 

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Say no to crowded clubs and instead, host a house party for your friends and their spouses. Amidst your loved ones and your partner, you will find more than one reason to be happy about Valentine’s Day. Call in for some great food from some of the best Italian or Mexican restaurants in Mumbai, get some games and music and you are fixed for the evening.

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3. Dinner for two

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Recreate the magic of your first date at home! If you don’t want crowded places and want to spend the day with just that special someone, do this! Plan a great evening at home, call in for some great dinner from the best Italian, Mexican or even some exotic seafood restaurants in Mumbai and spend the rest of the Valentine’s Day evening just with your love! Isn’t that better than going to packed restaurants and struggling to even hear each other? Ditch that and try this!

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4. Shop together

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Do something fun together! Get each other things you like. Go out or shop online! You can pick anything from fashion to sweets to other little quirky things online. Spend the day doing some retail therapy together and let others know how to do Valentine’s Day perfectly!

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5. Workout date

Workout date

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If you both love working out, have a workout date together. Go for a yoga session or just do it at home with your mats and other gear. Connect on higher level this Valentine’s Day and see how great you feel being a part of each other’s lives.

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6. Make DIY gifts

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Multiply your love for each other by making some cute things right there! Write letters, make little craft, decorate some notebooks or a postcard and gift these little quirks to each other. A handmade gift is always worth it and shows your effort too.

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7. Play board games

Play board games
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Now, if your idea of a date is to just have endless fun, play board games with your partner. There is no way to have fun than beat each other or let each other win in these games. A great way to connect intellectually and emotionally, this really works for a lot of couples. Do just that this Valentine’s Day!

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So, if you are looking to spend the day differently, we hope this helps! Have a lovely Valentine’s, guys!

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