7 Ways To Dress Up The Classic Vanilla Ice Cream

(Last Updated On: June 28, 2019)

The term ‘vanilla’ no longer needs to mean plain or boring. On Vanilla Ice Cream day, we suggest a few interesting toppings to make this versatile dessert fun and interesting. From delicious fruits and popcorn to a dollop of wasabi, here’s what you can pair with your ice cream.

1. Sauces 

While chocolate sauce is an all-time favourite topping with vanilla, you can also try caramel (or salted caramel), maple and strawberry syrups to add flavour to your ice cream.

2. Toppings

If you don’t have sauce handy at home, or want to try something fresh, opt for berries and other fruits as chunky toppings on your ice cream. Vanilla can be further enhanced with roasted nuts, colourful sprinkles, cocoa nibs, chocolate chips, and even a drizzle of coffee powder.

3. Crunchy Additions

Satiate your sugar cravings by mixing two desserts together. Mash cookies or biscuits to add to your ice cream for a cookies-and-cream taste, or simply add a scoop between two cookies as a sandwich. If you want to make it different, add chunks of brittles or nutty chocolate bars, when the ice cream is very chilled.


4. Gooey Pairings

Layer vanilla ice cream between cake loafs or brownies for a lovely treat. You can always pair waffles, pancakes and even muffins with this ice cream as it is versatile enough to go with most desserts.


5. Drinks

Throwback to the 90s with a delicious ice-cream-soda float. As an adult version, mix a fruit cider or bubbly champagne with ice cream for a boozy drink.

6. Crispy Fix

Combine your dessert craving and crispy food fix in one dish. Add mildly salted or plain chips, caramel or salted popcorn, wafer biscuits, chocolate-dipped nachos or tacos to your ice cream for a sweet and salty burst of tastes and a crunch in every bite.

7. Spicy Vanilla

Spice isn’t traditionally associated with vanilla ice cream, but a tiny dollop of wasabi or a few chilli flakes are sure to enhance the flavour of sweet ice cream. For a more comprehensive spicy-sweet taste, finely chop jalapeños and add to the ice cream – just ensure that you add it in small quantities so as to retain the base flavour.

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