8 Mouth-Watering Chocolate Chip Desserts For Your Next Cheat Meal

(Last Updated On: June 14, 2019)

The one thing that can make almost any dessert better is a handful of chocolate chips. Discovered in 1937, these tiny sweet treats are available in chunky and swirly shapes as well as flavours such as bittersweet dark, classic milk, white, orange zest and mint chocolate.

On Chocolate Chip Day, we list out Mumbai’s favourite desserts and where you can order them from.

1. Chocolate Chip Muffin From Sassy Teaspoon

Fresh from the oven, Sassy Teaspoon’s classic muffins are like happiness in every bite. Soft and fluffy with molten pieces of chocolate, this dessert is ideal for anytime really.

2. Double Chocolate Chip Cookie From Sweetish House Mafia

We don’t need to tell you much about the chocolate chip cookie from this store; it’s one of the most popular desserts ordered in. Bite into its crispy and chocolaty goodness with twice as many tiny chips than a regular cookie.

3. Blueberry, Kerala Vanilla, Dark Chocolate Chip Cake From Sequel Bistro & Juice Bar

Indulge without the guilt by ordering this organic, gluten and dairy-free cake. It’s made of almond and brown rice flour, mixed with vanilla flavouring and 70% dark chocolate chips.

4. Chocolate Chip Waffle From Mad Over Donuts

We’ve always loved their doughnuts, but their waffles are also equally irresistible. The sweet dough is made with a milk chocolate blend and comes loaded with yummy chocolate chip swirls in a unique shape.

5. Chocolate Chip Biscotti From Coffee By Di Bella
If you want a light bite, try the long biscotti instead of a cookie. The crunchy snack can be had plain or dipped in coffee.

6. Vegan & Gluten-Free Hazelnut And Chocolate Chip Biscuits From Yogisattva

Avoid piling on the calories by ordering these crackers from Yogisattva. They come with rich hazelnuts and organic Stevia chocolate chips.

7. Mint Chocolate Chip Shake From Jamjar Diner

Stay hydrated while enjoying your chocolate treat by ordering in this refreshing milkshake that comes with a generous topping of tiny mint chocolate chips.


8. Chocolate Chip Tea Cake From Country Of Origin

Make your tea an elaborate affair with this pillowy soft dessert.

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