A Beginner’s Guide To Food Styling

(Last Updated On: September 25, 2019)

With every millennial obsessing over social media, there seems to be a compelling need to learn the art of photography. After all, that perfect photograph is everything! While there are numerous ways to hero your food, here are a few tips that we have curated to enhance your food styling techniques.

Using Ingredients As Props

Ingredients make for an interesting roster of props. The entire story of the dish can be told through props placed around the dish. If you are photographing a salad, the ingredients can be scattered around for an appealing visual.

Adding Depth To Placement

If you place your dishes on different heights and places, it adds depth and character to your arrangement. Let’s take the example of muffins; use planks of wood to create various high points, and place them.  Keeping seven muffins in one row would make it look extremely flat and monotonous.

Fabrics & Colours

Experiment with a varied selection of fabrics, and colour palettes to create character and contrast to your photo. You can shape the folds and curls which add a lot of flow to your picture. Go for scarves from The Yarn Story, or table runners from Lushhomes.

Consequence Of Cleanliness

Ensure the dishes, serving trays and bowls you plate your food are impeccably clean. Simply take a tissue and tidy up all the drops and stains on your plates. Take your pick from a selection of interesting serving trays and dinner tableware from FireFlies. 

Contrasting Backgrounds

Every element in an image only stands out when you create contrasts. Pale-coloured food attracts more attention against a dark background, whereas a vibrantly coloured dish tends to be best with a simple white background.

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