Best Mouth watering Nutella Dishes in Andheri West !!


Order in your some mouth-watering Nutella dishes from your favorite bakeries !!

  1. Soft Baked Nutella Cookie-pies from Country Of Origin
    country of origin
    Is it a cookie? Or is it a muffin? This one is actually a delicious combination of both, with some decadent Nutella thrown in.
  2. Nutella Sea Salt Cookies from Sweetish House Mafia
    sweetish house mafia
    A hot favourite of the city’s sweet toothed cookie monsters, this one comes loaded with gooey Nutella and a generous dose of sea salt.

  3. Nutella Macarons, Brownies, & Cupcakes from Le 15 Patisserie
    le 15
    No matter what your dessert of choice, Le 15 will make it tastier by adding oodles of Nutella to it !

  4. Horlicks Nutella Pan Cakes from Papacream
    Evoke memories of your childhood by indulging in these decadent Horlicks pancakes from Papacream. Add a dash of Nutella and you have a dessert you will keep craving for.

  5. Nutella Cookie Cups from Your Batter Half
    your batter half
    Crispy edges, gooey middles, and molten Nutella-filled centres together create a sinful experience guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

  6. Nutella Layered Cheesecake from Love & Cheesecake
    love & cheesecake
    This one is as delicious as it sounds. A rich cheesecake layered with Nutella spread is just the thing to enjoy on this special day.
  7. Oreo & Nutella Cheesecake from Love Sugar Dough
    love sugar dough
    Oreos coupled with Nutella, both ensconced in a delicious cheesecake – what more do you need to brighten up your day?
Swizzel Kundoli
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