Best Mouth Watering Nutella Dishes in Powai and Andheri East !!


Order in your some mouth-watering nutella dishes from your favourite bakeries  !!

  1. Nutella Browffle from Yogurtbay & Wafflebay
    yogurt bay
    Combine the appetising taste of brownies in a waffle filled with Nutella and premium chocolate shavings – the Nutella Browffle is not a dish to be missed !
  2. Nutella Pancakes from 99 Pancakes
    99 pancake
    Offering a variety of pancakes topped with Nutella, we’d strongly recommend their Very Very Strawberry French pancake with strawberries and Nutella.
  3. Nutella Brownie from Cocoamaya
    What’s better than a decadent chocolate brownie? One with added Nutella, of course. This particular one from Cocoamaya is the stuff dessert dreams are made of.
  4. Nutella Shake from Ice Cream Works
    ice cream works
    This mouth-watering ice cream shake has Nutella added to it for a distinctly delicious flavour. Order it when you deserve to indulge !
  5. Nutella Desserts from The Belgian Waffle Co
    the belgian waffle
    Whether you’re craving waffles, pancakes or shakes, you’ll get your fill of Nutella here. Choose from Naked Nutella pancakes; Naked Nutella waffles; and Freaking Nutella shake.
  6. Nutella Layered Cheesecake from Love & Cheesecake
    love & cheesecake
    This one is as delicious as it sounds. A rich cheesecake layered with Nutella spread is just the thing to enjoy today.
  7. Nutella Cake, Cupcakes & Tart from Cravings
    Whether it’s added to cakes, cupcakes, or tarts, Nutella can make anything tastier. Order in Cravings’ range of Nutella desserts for a delicious treat.  
Swizzel Kundoli
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