Best Mouth watering Nutella Dishes in South Bombay

  1. Soft Baked Nutella Cookie-pies from Country Of Origincountry of origin
    Is it a cookie? Or is it a muffin? This one is actually a delicious combination of both, with some decadent Nutella thrown in.

  2. Dark Chocolate Nutella Crunch Cake from The Clearing House Bakery
    the clearing house bakery
    Treat yourself today by ordering this mouth-watering cake.
  3. Nutella Sea Salt Ice Cream from Bono Boutique Ice Cream
    bono boutique
    What happens when you combine Nutella with ice cream? You get this super indulgent concoction, of course.
  4. Banana Nutella Ice Cream from Oh Dough
    oh dough
    If you’re looking to assuage your guilt, order in this slightly healthier banana Nutella ice cream, which promises to not compromise on the taste.
  5. Nutella Cupcakes and Cookies from Ellipsis Bakery
    elipsis bakery
    Although every item on this bakery’s menu is delicious, we’re in love with the Nutella cupcakes and cookies they serve.
  6.  Nutella Desserts from The Belgian Waffle Co
    belgian waffle
    Whether you’re craving waffles, pancakes or shakes, you’ll get your fill of Nutella here. Choose from Naked Nutella pancakes; Naked Nutella waffles; and Freaking Nutella shake.


Swizzel Kundoli
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