Bombay Legend: Chetana, Fort

Have your favourite thali from this Mumbai institution delivered through Scootsy.

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2016)


In this series we profile Mumbai’s popular culinary institutions that have remained consistent over the years, continue to draw hordes and have come on board Scootsy (nothing short of a coup!).

It was 1946 when an unassuming sandwich joint set up shop in Kala Ghoda. Back in the day, the Bombay legend Chetana became the local haunt for anyone looking for a game of chess or a protracted philosophical discussion. Its popularity grew and it traded in its sandwiches for Gujarati and Rajasthani fare, gradually evolving into the Chetana we all know and love. Today, the thali is Chetana’s calling card and a Chetana Regular Thali at the establishment is as authentic as it is crowd-pleasing. It opens with chaas (buttermilk) followed by farsan, two vegetables, kathol (a spicy mix of pulses), three varieties of roti (baajra, bhakri and phulka), dal, and kadhi. Rice and khichdi round up this meal that ends on a sweet note with a daily assortment of desserts.

Loyalists however, (and there are a truckload) swear by the establishment’s Rajasthani Dal Baati Thali, a twist on the regular thali that includes the famed Rajasthani delicacy dal-baati-churma; balls of dough baked until they’re flaky, dipped in ghee and served with panchmel dal. A few baatis are crushed and mixed with sugar or jaggery to create churma. Chetana does one of the city’s best versions of this haloed trio, and it probably doesn’t hurt that the flour for the baatis is milled in Chetana’s own kitchen!
If you’re watching your waistline, but still have a hankering for those little katoris, look no further than Chetana’s Health Thali which includes a fresh salad, vegetable soup, your thali favourites cooked without oil or dairy, and rotis made from jowar and baajra.

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