Bombay Legend: Jimmy Boy, Fort

Enjoy Parsi bhonu in the comfort of your home thanks to Scootsy.

(Last Updated On: March 1, 2016)

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If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to receive an invitation to a Parsi wedding, you’d know that the meal is central to this merriest of shindigs. Diners are seated in batches at long tables where surly waiters lay out a three-course meaty feast on banana leaves. The pageantry of this vintage banquet is complete when the waiter demands a tip from the amused wedding guest at the end.

Waiter shenanigans aside, the memory of that meal stays with you, popping up every so often as an unruly craving that can only be sated by some shameless invitation fishing to a Parsi friend’s home.

But when the next bout of yearning hits, despair not, it’s Jimmy Boy to the rescue!

The restaurant owned by the Irani family began as Café India in 1925 where brun maska, kheema pao and Irani chai were staples. In the late 90s, the family gave it a facelift, rechristened it Jimmy Boy and introduced the Parsi wedding food or lagan nu bhonu for which it is famous today. It’s the only restaurant in the city, if not the country, that serves this unique meal every day.

This not-so-humble repast begins with traditional saariya – strips of sago papad – and sweet carrot laganu achar. The first course is a Parsi favourite, the patrani machi, a fillet of fish slathered with coriander chutney and steamed to melting perfection in a banana leaf. The chicken farcha that follows is a crisp and spicy counterpoint to the fish.

Next on is the mutton pulao daal. Succulent pieces of mutton nestle in a bed of delicately spiced long grained rice in this biriyani-like pulao, which is served with a flavourful dhansak daal and kachumbar with a twist of lime. The meal comes with Parsi rotlis and finishes with lagan nu custard, a baked wedding custard sprinkled with cardamom and nutmeg powder.

If you’re not in the mood to go the whole hog, the restaurant’s extensive menu also serves separates of Chicken Dhansak, Saas ni Machi, Patra ni Macchi and more.

“May Happiness be with you”, reads the cover of Jimmy Boy’s menu. And by God do they mean it!

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