Breaking Bread this Thanksgiving

Love food? Add up yet another day to your festival list! Let’s binge on some great bread this Thanksgiving!

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2016)

Thanksgiving is here and if not our festival, surely is our added way of getting together with our families. Isn’t that what these special days are for? So, welcoming yet another day to our long list of festivals, let’s be thankful for the great people in our lives and the nutrition we get daily. Let’s break some bread and celebrate Thanksgiving in true sense!

Why not have some great food and make merry with Mag St. Bread Co! Housed within the popular Byculla culinary events space Magazine Street Kitchen, this is a bakery headed by Rachel Andrade which has something special this holiday season. Mag St Bread Co.’s delicious Panettone and Stollen breads are baked specially for Thanksgiving / Christmas and promises to make this season irresistible for you when it comes to your favourite breads.

Get your freshly baked Panettone and Stollen here:


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