Cricket Fever: 8 Quick Snacks To Whip Up For Game Time

(Last Updated On: June 14, 2019)

As cricket fever heats up, we’re sure you’re engrossed in all the games. But you can’t deny that you’d need some comfort snacks to bite into during those nail-biting moments. We’ve listed down eight snacks that are super easy to make, yet add to your game-watching experience.

  1. Cottage Cheese & Vegetable Momos

When you’re glued to the television, it would be ideal to dip some soft, hot momos into a spicy chilly dip. Wrap sautéed vegetables and seasoned paneer in all-purpose flour sheets. Steam it and serve with red chilli chutney.

  1. Honey Pepper Chicken

Get a mix of sweet, spicy and savoury chicken when catching up on the score. Mix cornflour, eggs and chicken for some deep-fried goodness. Stir-fry honey, pepper, soy sauce and sesame seeds, then mix in the fried chicken. Add spring onions to garnish.

  1. Fish Pakoras

You can never go wrong with pakoras. Before game time, quickly mix gram flour with ginger-garlic paste and spicy seasoning. Order deboned, white fish pieces from here, dip them in the mix and fry. Serve with green chutney and lemon wedges.

  1. Mac And Cheese Bites

During break time, get out last night’s frozen mac and cheese. Cut the dish into pieces and dip in cornflour mixed with eggs. Coat with bread crumbs and fry them for a hot and ready snack before the break is over!

  1. Potato Fritters

Why head out in the heat when you can order in all the ingredients? Grate potatoes and onions and mix them with all-purpose flour, mint leaves and pepper. Shallow fry on both sides till golden brown and serve with raw mango chutney.

  1. Pizza Waffle

You can’t really enjoy sports without pizza. This time, try the waffle version instead. Divide the pizza dough into two small portions for each waffle piece. Between the two pieces, stuff cheese and pepperoni. Now, let the waffle iron do its job – bite-sized pizza is ready in a jiffy!

  1. Pull-Apart Bread

Enhance your classic dense bread into a pull-apart one. Slice it half in a criss-cross pattern and stuff the space in between with gourmet cheese and butter, mixed with garlic or oregano. Bake it till it’s golden brown and serve hot.

  1. Indian Nachos

Nachos are an all-time favourite game food. Load your nacho chips with veggies, salsa sauce, or simply cheese. For an interesting flavour, add crispy chicken or paneer pakoras with a garnishing of onions and green chutney.

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