DIY Spa: Have a Spa Day at Home

Too lazy to head to a spa? Don’t worry, you can get your spa home. Just do it yourself!

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2016)

Gone are the days when spa was a luxury, it’s almost a necessity now with the kind of lifestyle we live. Long working hours and stress can get to you and that’s where the need for relaxing your mind and body comes in. But if on some weekend you are too lazy to get out of your house for a spa or maybe unfortunately you aren’t getting an appointment in your suggested time, get the spa home! There are various ways in which you can- Do it yourself!

Find our guide to have a spa day at home below:

  1. Set the mood right

candles_lavandulaCourtesy: 1ZOOM.Net

Before you begin, set the mood for the spa day right. Slip into your bathrobe and play some relaxing music. Do not forget to light some candles for the effect and place some fresh flowers around you to feel relaxed and content. Once you are ready and in for this, then get into the real thing.
Get candles:
Get flowers:

  1. Let’s get on with the hair

woman-in-shower-washing-her-hair-with-shampooCourtesy: Anything Aloe Vera

Now begin your routine with hair first. Begin with an effective hair mask and wrap your hair around the towel to let it soak in. Then go ahead with shampooing and conditioning your hair for a long time. Massage your head with your fingers slowly to feel relaxed and let your hair creams work out properly on your tresses.
Get hair mask:
Get shampoo:
Get conditioner:

  1. And your beautiful face

diy-face-mask-1Courtesy: Pinterest

Here’s one part of your body you really adore, your face! Get your face glowing with just these little measures at home! Get a great face scrub and remove all the impure skin and blackheads off your face, hence preparing your face for a nice mask. Apply the mask and relax for some time sipping on your green tea and listening to soothing music while the mask does its work.
Get face scrub:
Get face mask:

  1. Relaxation for your whole body

o-body-scrubsCourtesy: Huffington Post

Now comes your beautiful body, because a fully body regime will only help you get complete relaxation and get you glowing like never before. Exfoliate your skin with abundant exfoliating body wash and remove all the dirt off your skin. Use a body cleanser later to feel rejuvenated. You can get these products in flavours of your choice too to make the experience enthralling.
Get exfoliating body wash:
Get body cleanser:

  1. Don’t forget your beautiful feet

foot-reflexologyCourtesy: Z Spa

Your feet bears all the trouble all day and is in the need of some care the most. So, get a fine foot soak and dip in your feet for easing right then! Use a foot scrub later to let off the dead skin and let your feet shine like never before.
Get foot soak:
Get foot scrub:

Try this routine and feel fine just at home with all the experiences of a spa! Tell us in the comments section whether you have attempted this!

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