Easy Decor Hacks To Brighten Up Your Home

(Last Updated On: July 18, 2019)

Often, doing up your home involves a major renovation, like painting the walls, ordering new furniture, and buying art pieces, among many other things. Tiresome and time-consuming, it comes with several challenges. But if you wish to change the look and feel of your home without so much hassle, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few ways to brighten up your home quickly and easily.


The easiest way to change around the look of a home is by playing around with the lighting scheme. You can add some angel lights, lamps or even candles, which are available in different colours and shapes. Check out this Filigree Heart Metal Light String or Rose Light String by EZ Life to add some sweet-looking light elements. Add some lamps on the dresser or the desk, or try installing lights at different heights.


Colours instantly brighten up any dull corner of a home, and for this you don’t even need to get the walls painted. Just add some colourful decor pieces, and voila, that same old side table comes to life. Get this colourful metal Peacock Life’s Chilka box or stunning metal and glass vase by Tint By Neka. The dreamcatchers by Rooh Home Decor, especially the Rainbow 7 Tier and Classic White Light, look great too.


Before you step inside a home, no matter how beautiful, it’s the aroma of the place that reaches you first. Arrange some scented candles around the dining table or on corner tables near the main door and windows. Apart from the simple-looking aromatic candles, you can also try some classy or funky candle holders, like the Orange Hex -Geometric Tea Light Holders by Tint By Neka, the Eucalyptus Metal & Wood Candle Holders, or this cool Metal Candle Holder by Mould.

Pretty Little Things

Beautiful, quirky, funny and colourful accessories can instantly brighten up your space. Like this recycled aluminium ‘Stress Free Zone Metal Poster’ by Happipress, or this Da Vinci bronze statue by the Mould. In fact, if you place this wall clock by 10am, it would literally look like colours splashed on the wall, and this super cool metal bookend stand will add some art to the stacked books.

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