Eat As Per Your Stars: June’s Food Horoscope

(Last Updated On: June 28, 2019)

No matter what the ups and downs in life, the one thing that never fails to make us happy is food. So, why not pick your food menu as per your star alignment? We bring you this month’s prediction for your zodiac sign, and the dishes that will make you feel right no matter what the situation is. This is our monthly food astrological guide.


As a passionate sign, you are bound to make impulsive decisions this month. Keep cool and stay hydrated. Try this chilled Miss T’s Papaya Salad that has an Asian flavour.


June is ideal for you, Taurus. As the clouds start to cool the weather down, they will, in turn, lighten your workload. Indulge in a yummy Banoffee Pie from Mama Z’s.


As you gear up for your birthday in June, it’s time to detox. Bite into the Detox Salad from Suzette to keep your diet healthy before the big party.


This water sign is ambitious and imaginative, but in the process don’t forget to take care of your health this month. Get your fill with the Millet Fettuccine Pasta from 212 All Good.


You are known for leadership and pride, but this month will be all about following your leader. While it may be tough for you, you will be successful. Treat yourself with the Rose, Pistachio And Honey slice cake from Provenance.


If you’re part of a team or looking to start something new, this month will be ideal for you to lead it. A touch of caffeine will take you a long way. Try the Attikan Arabica espresso coffee beans from Blue Tokai.


We’re going to be honest – this month will be tough, but don’t forget to keep that dreamy Libran smile on at all times. Comfort food like the Paneer Tikka Pizza from 1441 Pizzeria will help you get through this month.


This month is rather lucky for you, but you need to put a leash on that stubborn trait of yours. Get out of your comfort zone and experiment with the Lamb Satay, Ajad from TYGR.


You are known for your flexible and accommodating nature. This month will push your acceptance a little further than expected, but the results will be worth it. If you’re feeling blue, have a cheat meal with assorted cookies from Sassy Teaspoon.


Get dreamy, Capricorn! Give your practical trait a break and take a short trip or vacation. It will help you focus on the task at hand much better. You can get into the European holiday mindset with the Original Italian Spaghetti Pasta from The Irish House.


Keep your focus on the little things this month. Whether it’s a work project or a house party, you might find that small, missed-out items might be just what you need. Want to focus better? Eating the high-protein Chipotle Bowl from Hello Green.


This month is going to be rather fruitful for you, personally and professionally. But you will need to take care of your health. Try the comforting Roast Garlic Mommy’s Choice Soup from Sammy Sosa.


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