3 Parsi Dishes To Try This Navroze

Get ready to feast on delicious Parsi delicacies this Parsi New Year!

(Last Updated On: March 19, 2019)

The Parsis as a community have contributed much to the fabric of India. But nowhere is their contribution as valued as that of their delicious cuisine. Parsi delicacies such as dhansak, akoori, and salli boti are every foodie’s wet dream.

So, if you want to try Parsi meals in Mumbai, this is the perfect time. Pateti is tomorrow and the city is bustling with Parsi delicacies. We at Scootsy are bringing this cuisine right to your doorstep by featuring restaurants such as Bawi Bride Kitchen, Ideal Corner, Jimmy Boy and even Social. Choose among them to order your favourite Parsi delicacies.

If you are looking for Parsi meals in Mumbai, here are the dishes you must order.


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Dhansak is a classic combination of mutton, vegetables and brown rice. There is no way a Parsi meal is complete without this authentic dish. A hot Parsi favourite, the mutton dhansak comes with tender pieces of boneless meat, caramelised brown rice and a small onion salad to go with it. If you’re not a fan of mutton, chicken and vegetarian versions are also available.

Chicken Farcha

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Equivalent to chicken wings, this Parsi delicacy is fried from the outside, and soft and tasty from the inside. There’s so much that goes in making this amazing dish –bread crumbs, eggs, marinated chicken and lots of spices!

Saas Ni Machchi

Saas ni macchi
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Usually served at weddings and special events, saas ni machchi is a delicious seafood dish that completes the Parsi culinary experience. It is a typical Parsi fish curry, made with egg, sugar and vinegar. Pair this curry with rice to round off your meal.

This Pateti, try some Parsi meals in Mumbai with us. Pick from chicken vindaloo, kolmi no patio, mutton berry pulao, and more.

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