Gifting for International Men’s Day

Let’s celebrate the men in our lives!

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2016)

How many times have we cherished the men in our lives for just being there? The new wave of feminism has somewhat let us not focus on the males and well, there is a day just to do that! This International Men’s Day, let the men in your life feel special and loved, gift them awesome things to appreciate them.

We have made a list of different kind of men and things that they would love. Be it your husband, friend, boyfriend, brother or father; there are gifting options for everybody. Have a look:

  1. For the ‘classy’ man

Image courtesy: Lookastic | Pinterest

This is the man who is charismatic and loves to keep it classy. He is a gentleman in the true way! Make sure you put a thought in his gift.
Things to get him: Sunglasses, watch, wallet, cufflink, shoes, tie, pen, bag, belt, perfume, personal care and more.
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  1. For the ‘fun’ chap

Image courtesy: Instagram

He is young, he is fun! He loves to listen to music and goes to the most happening places in town. There’s definitely so much to give him.
Things to get him: T-shirts, jumpers, sunglasses, backpack, bracelet, party things, fun props and more.
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  1. For the ‘let’s go for an adventure’ boy

Image courtesy: | Pinterest

He is a dreamer, an artist, a traveller; he is the indigo child! He loves to explore new places, have new experiences, meet more people and see life with a unique perspective. Please this man with these gifts!
Things to get him: Diary, notebooks, planner, travel kit, aroma tea, camera, camping accessories, backpack and more.
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  1. For the ‘gadget’ guy
© Photographer Somlith Brandon Inthalangsy
 Image courtesy: | Pinterest

He is curious, no matter what his age! He is always looking to explore something new, probably even make something new. Get him the best of what innovations offer!
Things to get him: Fitbit, Bluetooth speakers, hoverboard, selfie flashlight, USB mini fan, power bank and more.
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  1. For the ‘fitness’ lover

Image courtesy: Eat This, Not That!

He believes his mind and body is precious and takes the right kind of care. He works out every day and eats healthy and right! There’s a lot to gift this kind of a man.
Things to get him: Headphones, fitbit, smart water bottle, yoga mat, inspirational wall frames and more.
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So, this International Men’s Day, go all out on the men in your life!


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