GoT Season Special: How to Host The Most Fun Game Of Thrones Party

(Last Updated On: April 22, 2019)

For the next few weeks, predicting who will sit on the Iron Throne (that’s IF the White Walkers allow) is going to be what everyone talks about at work, with friends, and even on the internet. So, why not use it as an excuse to invite your fellow GoT fans home and watch the show together?

Set the mood with a GoT-themed party, with decor, food and music all reflecting the show. We tell you the best way to do it.

  1. Décor

Death, twists and darkness is the theme of the show, and it should be for your party as well. Opt for black and red drapes, festoons and cushion covers. Feel free to add elements of dull gold and rustic silver to the mix for a medieval kingdom effect. If you don’t wish to set up your entire home, try decorating one corner or the TV unit with this colour scheme. Pick a furniture piece that is central and sure to grab eyeballs.

  1. Lights & Music

Soft orange lights with ominous music seem like an ideal option for this party, but we suggest you take it a notch further. Buy unique, vintage-style candle stands and lamps, and decorate your home full of candles instead of lights. Use peppy oriental or house music in the background to make the party lively, yet suit the theme.

  1. Food

Keep bite-sized snacks in colours of a house or sigil to keep things fun and interesting. Pick snacks such as mini black bun burgers with tomatoes or red meat for House Targaryen,  crispy vol-au-vents filled with white sauce and mushrooms for House Stark, and small pizza rolls with bacon and golden brown cheese topping for House Lannister.

  1. Drinks

Make sure you have an unlimited supply of red wine and whisky at the party, while other drinks can be used for interesting, colour-driven cocktails. You can change the name of classic drinks to those reflecting the show, and even serve them in goblets to get the GoT look and feel.

  1. Attention to Detail

With lights, food and décor, you might be almost ready for the party, but you need a few finishing touches to take it from average to wow. For instance, you can swap your regular wine glass with a metallic chalice-style glass or serve food on slabs of faux marble or wood instead of plates. Small touches to your home and décor will go a long way in making this party memorable.

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