The Growing Demand of Food Delivery Apps in India

In these changing times, its easier to order your food on the go and get it delivered right at your doorstep. This is where food delivery services come in the picture! Read on..

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2017)

The times are changing and so are the trends in India! When earlier people were hesitant about trying something new, today they are all out accepting all the innovations with both the hands. In recent times, the growing tendency was towards transport startups that made everybody’s life easier by providing cabs anywhere and everywhere! But the latest trend that the Indian masses are catching up is getting their food delivered with ease. This gave rise and we suddenly saw a major boost in the number of food delivery services in the city and also others that range pan-India.

Suddenly life is easier when your food is delivered to your work or home and that too from your favourite restaurant! The best part is you can just look for home delivery food near you and select from range of restaurants on food delivery apps and just take a pick that is then delivered to you in less than 60 minutes. Even though if we believe that delivery business was always there by the restaurants, it also had plenty loopholes including the manpower, delays during busy days and the minimal reach were the major concerns. This issue is majorly tackled by the food delivery services making things trouble-free.

With Meals on Wheels operating in Mumbai for quite some time finally decided to expand, Scootsy came into being! With the growing trends, Scootsy not only promised to deliver food but also fashion, gifts, books and more! But the focus being serving the city with their favourite food, Scootsy saw a huge demand in this sector. About the changing needs of the society, Scootsy’s MD, Mr Rishi Khiani says, “People still dine out when they need to celebrate some sort of an occasion, but more and more of our customers are ordering in and we are seeing the frequency of ordering going up tremendously. So a customer might go out once in a couple of weeks but orders five or six times in a week. This trend is something we are noticing across the board.” He also adds, “You have a lot of apps that have come out. Each of these apps has its own unique kind of offering. We have chosen to play in a slightly more niche space. Our offering tends to be slightly on the higher end and more of the premium restaurants, but you do have players across the board and the food space is expanding. We are seeing far more experimentation in food and Indian food and fusion of Indian food has gained popularity. You are seeing a lot of new restaurants that are looking at international food trends – whether it is the Ethiopian or the Peruvian food. We love diversity and are probably at a sunrise stage of this industry. We are doing about 3000-4000 orders in a single day and this is primarily for high end food coming in from city’s best restaurants.”

Thus, when we see the overall food delivery services operating in India flawlessly, we know the Indian food delivery sector is changing for good!

  1. Great blog..The demand of people for online food ordering is increased time to time so now people like purchase anything online..You have share great information…

  2. Delierr 3 years ago

    Amazing Post Swaroop, Online Food Delivery become trendy, anybody wants to order online and directly go through the mobile application and this is the reason for that

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