Have A Cricket-Themed Party With Matching Coloured Food

(Last Updated On: May 10, 2019)

As cricket fever reaches a frenzied pitch, fans of different teams are pulling out all stops to celebrate their team’s victories. If you’re a league cricket fan, take your fandom one notch higher by hosting a cricket-themed party with matching coloured food that you can order in while cheering for your state or team.

  1. Team Chennai

The bright, sunshine yellow for this southern team is fitting, as it is helmed by one of India’s finest captains and players. Order in the Loaded Mexican Nachos with cream cheese from Aromas Cafe & Bistro and the Alphonso Mango Parfait from The Parfait Co.

  1. Team Delhi

If you’re cheering for the capital city, sip on the refreshing light blue Bubblegum Shake from D:Oh! You can also bite into the delectable Candy Crush Cupcake by Love Sugar Dough, which is rich in chocolate and comes with a dollop of blue icing.

  1. Team Punjab

In true-blue Punjabi style, opt for Desi Ghee Rajma Chawal from Goila’s Butter Chicken. Complement your meal with a Red Velvet Pancake from Poetry by Love & Cheesecake.

  1. Team Kolkata

The lovely golden and purple colour of the Kolkata team is best celebrated with the  Butterfly Pea Rice With Thai Herbs from Nara. End your meal with the Lavender Honey ice cream tub by Bono Boutique Ice Cream.

  1. Team Mumbai

If you’re cheering for Mumbai, then you must order in Foo’s Butter Japanese Fried Blue Rice with a spicy vegetable dish. Follow this fiery meal with a soothing Hey Soul Sister tea by Tasse de Thé, which comes with lavender and blue pea flower.

  1. Team Rajasthan

Think pink when it comes to team Rajasthan. Get Botanica’s Truffle Edamame & Sweet Potato dim sum, and celebrate the sweet victory of your team with Sassy Teaspoon’s Rose Macaron.

  1. Team Bengaluru

For this match, order in the Quinoa And Barley Risotto from The Good Wife in Bandra, along with a rich Belgian Fudge pastry from Le15 Pâtisserie.

  1. Team Hyderabad

If you’re supporting Hyderabad, you must order the classic Chicken Biryani from Lucky. End this heavy meal on a sweet note with the Orange Ya Glad You Met Me candy from Papabubble.

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