Yogisattva’s Raveena Taurani On Her Health Food Journey

(Last Updated On: June 14, 2019)

The vegan yogi talks about her inspiration behind starting Yogisattva, what forms of yoga she believes in, and how she’s changing misconceptions about health food not being tasty.

Yogisattva is a gourmet, organic plant-based company that focuses on healthy food. Why did you decide to tackle such a niche market?
“After developing severe lactose intolerance and dealing with a spinal injury, I discovered plant-based food through my journey in yoga. On a whim, I flew to Bali to get a vegan chef certification, just for my own knowledge.”

How did you begin your journey?
“It’s been four years that I’ve worked on building Yogisattva. I started off by offering mango matcha smoothies and chia puddings to my friends post a workout session. Upon their encouragement, I started an email group where I would sell food (available only for pick-up) once a week. What started out as friends encouraging me to do this more professionally grew into a full-fledged business organically.”

Tell us about your learnings through this journey.
“Through the journey, I have realised that there is no substitute for hard work and consistent effort – that is what truly leads you to success. There are many days where nothing works out and many times when you feel emotionally low. The truth is that the work never gets easier – what gets easier, however, is your ability to develop a mindset to be able to do it all.”

What’s your advice to someone who’s just starting out in the food industry?
“For any young women entrepreneur who is looking at starting her own business, know that if you have faith in what you do, nothing and no one can stop you. I started Yogisattva at a time when veganism was not a known concept or a popular one. Today, it’s everywhere and only growing bigger. If you love what you do, you’ll never feel like you’re working – you’ll discover that you’re actually living!”

There’s often a misconception that healthy (or vegan or gluten-free) food isn’t tasty. How do you tackle them?
“I tackle them by focusing on making food with good quality organic ingredients. Such kind of food changes the flavour profile immediately.”

What are the most popular food items on Yogisattva?
“Our Vegan and Gluten Free Raw Cacao and Walnut Brownies, Dairy Free Ice Creams, Vegan and Gluten Free Cheesecake Cups are ordered the most.”

How do you decide on the menu?
“I decide the menu by checking on what organic ingredients are available and in season. These are a mix of my personal recipes and from all the certifications I have received over the years. We are constantly updating the menu with Weekly Specials that change every week.”

Do you use Scootsy?
“Yes, I use Scootsy all the time. Sequel is my go-to on Scootsy, as well as Sushi Koi for when I’m craving something Asian. The Jicama Tacos and Acai Jar from Sequel are my two favourite dishes.”

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