Japan In a Box: The Bento Experience

Lower Parel restaurant Shiro is catering the globally popular packed Japanese lunch for Scootsy!

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2016)


Of all of Japan’s edible gifts to the world, the bento meal is a particular favourite of ours. Essentially a packed lunch, the bento box is a shining example of the nation’s penchant for meticulousness, artistry and balance. Historical evidence suggests that the concept of a packed lunch emerged in fifth century Japan, which was swarming with farmers, hunters and warriors in need of food-on-the-go. As the centuries progressed, the packed lunch evolved into a carry-along snack box to outdoor excursions or visits to the theatre. The bento was truly popularised, however, by Japan’s train stations that started peddling boxed lunches to commuters.

Obento, as the Japanese refer to the box, typically comprises a protein, rice and veggies. It conforms to their belief of including five colours in every meal. Now globally adapted, the lunch box has maintained this concept of balance, variety and unwastefulness. It’s a study in health and proportion, as each box contains a measured amount of ingredients, as well as creativity. Moms the world over, for instance, have becomes champions of the bento for their kids who are picky eaters. To these creative mothers, the bento lunch is a vehicle of artistic expression as they craft cute figures out of the veggies, meats, grains, rice and fruits that are stuffed into compact boxes.

To indulge your love for all things Japanese, Scootsy has partnered with Shiro, the South-East Asian Lower Parel restaurant, to create exclusive delicious bento lunches brimming with sushi, dumplings, rice, salads, sauced meats and condiments. Take your pick of a filling and wholesome lunch from our selection of six listed on the Scootsy App. You can also visit to place your order and we promise to reach your perfectly portioned bento to you in 60 minutes.

For seafood lovers
Sushi, sashimi and makimoto bento – a choice of two makimoto rolls with assorted sushi nigiri and sashimi.

Non-veg makimoto bento – chef’s salad and dimsum with four pieces each of California roll and spicy tuna roll.

There is such a thing as veg sushi
Veg makimoto bento – chef’s salad, dimsum and four pieces each of spicy California roll, spicy tofu and avocado roll and crispy avocado roll.

Donburi diversion
Veg donburi bento – choice of rice or noodles with a topping, chef’s salad and dimsum.
Seafood donburi bento – Choice of rice or noodles with chilli mustard fish or prawn in hot bean sauce.
Chicken donburi bento – choice of rice or noodle with Thai BBQ chicken or Chicken Malaysian sambal or chicken in black bean sauce.

Have we stoked your appetite yet? Place an order for your bento meal on the Scootsy app. 

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