Nina & Malika Reveal Their Health & Fitness Secrets

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2020)

Nina & Malika have been firing up India’s electronic music scene since 2010. They have a number of feathers in their cap, including opening for Coldplay and being signed by SPINNIN Records. Fitness freaks and foodies at heart, the duo shares their fitness and health secrets.

Can you sum up your food and fitness routine?
“Workout hard so you can eat harder. We’re the biggest foodies you’ll ever meet!”

What is your usual pre- and post-workout diet?
“Usually, pre-workout we’ll opt for a banana-oat smoothie with dry fruits & nuts. Post-workout, a hemp smoothie and grilled fish/chicken with veggies.”

Do you follow any strict diets, like Keto, Paleo or Atkins?
“We’re not very good with diets, but we do try to eat really healthy, drink lots of water and fresh juices. Oh, and definitely out cutting out sugar. That one’s a killer!”

Which are your favorite healthy restaurants in the city?
“We don’t eat out much, but when we do it’s usually a major cheat meal. Hello Green, Sequel and Kitchen Garden are great for healthy food lovers.”

What is the last dish you ordered on Scootsy, and from where?
“Pepper steak from Nara.”

What are your top 5 picks on Scootsy?
Nara , Pa Pa Ya, Trishna, Milliways Broth Noodle & Bao, and New York Burrito Company.”

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