Nutritionist Suman Agarwal On Living Healthy

(Last Updated On: June 14, 2019)

Moving away from boiled vegetables and starving diets, award-winning nutritionist Suman Agarwal created Selfcare to guide people to a fitter lifestyle. A fitness trainer and author, she creates a customised plan for each individual to have a sustainable and healthy journey with food. Here, she guides us on living a healthy life and dealing with cravings.

How do you build a healthy relationship with food?

“I believe that one should eat what nourishes their body. If you eat on time, you will not cheat. When you eat in controlled portions, you will feel better and would want to give yourself a treat on weekends for your efforts.”

How does one train the mind to adapt to a healthy lifestyle?

“Remember, nothing tastes better than looking good. Your body is going to last longer than your investment in your expensive handbag or watch. Hence, invest time, dedication, perseverance and willpower in a healthy lifestyle, rather than on money or materialistic things.”

What is the biggest myth about diets?

“That it’s boring, drab and tasteless.”

How does one stay motivated to diet?

“One should set a realistic target. Give yourself a cheat meal on a diet once a week. A strong follow-up, wherein you are answerable to someone, will help the most. Hence, consult a nutritionist.”

What are a few food items one must avoid to prevent lifestyle diseases?

“Papads, desserts, ice creams, cold drinks, chocolates, too much alcohol, and readymade fried snacks such as bhujia.”

What’s the best way to manage or curb the sweet tooth or sugar cravings?

“Sugar cravings happen because of a long gap between meals. One must eat solid meals every 3-4 hours to avoid it. You can also manage it by opting for low-calorie fruits or dates. A date is 15-20 kcal and a handful of candied gooseberry are 100 kcal, compared to a cake which has 500 kcal or an Indian sweet that has 250 kcal. Sprinkling cinnamon on food also helps in reducing sweet cravings. Sometimes sweet cravings can be because of over-exercising, so drink a glass of fresh lime water with sugar and salt or electrolytes post workout.’

What’s your take on the new health-food establishments in the city? Any recommendations?

“It’s a great change, as earlier there were few healthy meal options. Now you have a lot more variety like low-carb, keto, vegan, gluten-free, and balanced meals, which is amazing. People can still eat out and be fit. The Yoga House and Birdsong Organic Café are my favourites.”

What is a healthy tip your mother or grandmother gave you, which you still follow?

“Eat what you like, but wear what other people like on you.”

What should one eat to get glowing skin in summer?

“For maintaining your skin in summer, have buttermilk, coconut water and a concoction made from apple, boiled beetroot, amla, and tomato.”

 Which are the restaurants you order from on Scootsy?

Swati, Gallops, and Maiz Mexican Kitchen are a few of my favourites.”

Any favourite dishes you order often on Scootsy?

“Avocado Houmous from Za’atar and Belgian Chocolate Crunch ice cream from Good Fettle.”

Which is the last meal you ordered on Scootsy?

Mama Z’s Chocolate Loaf Cake With Icing for a celebration. It is one of the most delicious cakes I have indulged in.”

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