Feeding Friends

If you’ve got picky eaters for friends, Scootsy has options to please every palate.

(Last Updated On: February 8, 2016)

Arguing on an empty stomach can test the patience of a saint! Your
silent, submissive BFF suddenly turns into this haranguing horror,
your laid-back girlfriend hits out with all guns blazing and that’s
just the start.

Tempers fray, nerves get frazzled and stomachs continue rumbling – and
all because there is no consensus on what to order. While someone
sniffles at peanuts (allergies, darling), someone else whines about
continental being “sooo boring yaar!” Three people root for desi,
three others shoot it down.

As luck would have it, you needn’t let burger shaped rifts rent your
gang! Salvaging friendships with great success, Scootsy is just what
the doctor prescribed. Perfect for the gang that never agrees, each of
you can now order exactly what you want, without arm-twisting the
others into submission.

Available on Google and Android, not only is delivery free, there’s no
minimum order requirement either and you can order from as many places
as you want.

And the best part? We have your gang covered!  Here’s our pick for
every palate – just mix and match.

For the ‘sold on seafood’ friend –
• Spicy crabmeat soup – Trishna
• Meen Gassi with Neer Tella (Fish Gassi with Neer Dosa ) with either
Pomfret, Ravas, Surmai, or Kane from Ankur – The Coastal Bistro Menu
• The Baby Pomfret Fry – Apoorva

For the ‘crazy for veg-Chinese’ pal –
• The Som Tam Papaya Salad – Mamagoto
• The Malaysian Flat Noodles – Tao 9
• Fried Corn Curd – Silk Route

For the bland buddy –
• The Watermelon and Feta Salad – Cafe Royal
• The Deli BBQ chicken – Indigo Delicatessen
• The Lamb Tacos – Gallops

For the junk food junkie –
• Duck Confit Burger – Woodside Inn
• The Prawn Enchilladas – Cafe Royal
• The Grilled Chicken, Zucchini & Spicy Mayo Sandwich – Silver Beach Cafe

And there is so much more! Just grab our app, explore our endless
options and for once all of you will agree to disagree –  because for
sure, everyone will want to try out something new:)

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