Ramadan Specials on Scootsy

Feasting options during the holy month of fasting.

(Last Updated On: June 14, 2019)


Ramadan is as much about the feasting as it is about fasting. We’ve curated a list of restaurants and caterers serving sumptuous food during the holy month.

Kakori House
As its name suggests, the chain specialises in masala-lavished kakori kebabs in addition to tikkas and meaty mains. While the kakori platter makes a meal in itself you can also order mutton shammi kebab; murgh achari tikka; chicken wrap with warqi paratha; Lahori aloo; and Nihari gosht.

The biryani specialist serves variants to suit every palate. Choose from chicken tikka; mutton; prawns; fish; and paneer biryani with raita. Round off the order with phirni; and gulab jamuns.

Al Fahad Goat Farm
Make Al Fahad, a meat farm located on the fringes of Mumbai, your one stop shop for 100 per cent halal, hygienic and healthy meat this Ramadan. They stock every iteration of mutton including chops; mince; ribs; and steak. Their farm fresh produce is available exclusively on Scootsy.

Fantasie Chocolates
Dates are a staple snack while breaking fast as they have both energising and restorative properties. Popular chocolate purveyor Fantasie Chocolates has put a rich spin on regular variety with their orange and dark chocolate stuffed dates created exclusively for Scootsy.

The Bohri Kitchen
Break your Iftar the Bohri way with a special snack box catered by Colaba’s well-known home catering service The Bohri Kitchen. Priced at Rs399, the Iftar box will have chana bateta; Bohri chicken 65; minced mutton and chana dal shammi kebabs; chicken Russian cutlets and phirni.

Persian Darbar
Load up on a meaty repast of raan, of which the restaurant lists eight types. There’s mutton raan tandoori; raan biryani; and even a mutton raan Schezwan. Brain is another specialty served as bhurji; masala; and tawa style.

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