Recreate A Romantic Candlelight Dinner At Home

(Last Updated On: June 14, 2019)

With our busy work lives and hectic schedules, we barely get time to step out and spend a romantic evening with a loved one. So when you don’t want to venture out, yet have that special moment with your partner, you can plan a romantic candlelight dinner at home. Here’s all you need to know about what it takes to plan an intimate evening in the house.

  1. Mood

When you plan the dinner, think of the kind of mood you want to set for the evening and your partner. The first step would be to figure out an occasion. Is it to celebrate a special day or moment, or are you planning to surprise them? If it’s a surprise, then you can probably write a cryptic handwritten note on the lines of ‘something special awaiting’ to give it a mysterious feel. You can also think of a theme and use decor elements and colours that complement it.

  1. Decor

The key to a classy candlelight dinner is to make it look visually appealing, so decor is vital. Try using different-coloured flowers or flower petals to decorate the room, the dining table, or even the floor. And, of course, don’t forget to use candles! Soothing aromas have a way to relax a person, so light up candles that have a pleasant scent that’s not too strong. Rose, lavender and cherry blossoms usually work well.

  1. Lights & Music

To set the mood, dim the house lights, as the light from the candles will heighten the romantic look, as well as complement the flower decor. This is an occasion to create a special playlist with romantic and soft music, which you can play at a low volume. The soothing music being played lightly in the background, scented candles and a bottle of wine will make it a perfect dinner date at home.

  1. Food & Drinks

Wine by default is the usual poison for a romantic dinner, but if you are aware of what your partner enjoys the most, you can arrange for that too. Champagne is great if you’re celebrating a special occasion. The final and the most important step is to ensure that you pick the right kind of food — from soups to entrée to desserts. If you are not the kind to cook, then you can order in and focus more on the setup. Order in some delicious food online and set it up nice to impress your partner.

  1. Details

Pay attention to the details of everything that you are using to set up this romantic dinner, and try to personalise it to your partner’s tastes. You can probably place some photos of the two of you around the flowers and wine bottle. Or you can bake their favourite cake or order that dessert they love. Giving it a personal touch will make the dinner extra special.

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