The Most Burpalicious Burgers In Town

A round-up of the best burgers that you can have home delivered via Scootsy.

(Last Updated On: February 8, 2016)

Humble and undemanding, the burger probably traces its ancestry from a sandwich. The original handhelds, both can be stuffed with pretty much whatever you choose and are convenient, portable and filling (clause insertion: subject to appetite and fillings) meals.

Here’s our pick of the best burgers in town in no particular order.  Scoot over to the Scootsy app (available on Android/iOS) or visit to place your order and we will deliver it in 60 minutes, Scootsy promise and at no extra charge!.

  1. The Chicken Whopper – Burger King
    This whopping big burger needs two hands and a good set of jaws! Featuring a luscious flame-grilling chicken patty tucked between two freshly toasted sesame bun halves; tangy pickles, tomatoes, lettuce and onions play the supporting cast.
  2. The Roasted Mushroom and Tofu Burger – Indigo Deli
    A five-grain bun that is as light as it is nutritious, it comes with a side order of red cabbage slaw and herbed potato wedges
  3. The Louisiana Crab Burger – Cafe Free India
    A burger lover’s haven Cafe Free India has great burgers, Scootsy this succulent crab burger and you can bite into it within the hour!
  4. The Ground Pork Burger with Sunny Side-up Egg – Woodside Inn
    This BBQ-sauce-dripping burger is served with a delicious coleslaw and piping hot wedges.
  5. The Heart Attack Grill – Cafe at the NCPA
    A triple decker with beef, chorizo, and apples smoked turkey bacon, this whopper is served with egg and Swiss Gruyere cheese alongside baked potato skins stuffed with turkey bacon and caramelised onions.
  6. The Mini Lamb Burgers from Cafe Zoe
    A light snack this perfectly grilled lamb patty, served with veggies and mayo, comes stuffed between two baby buns held together by a skewer.


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