It’s time for some Avo love from these mind boggling Restaurants in Andheri West !!

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Get a dose of health and taste by ordering in these avocado dishes.

  1. Hello Green
    hello green copy
    Get farm-fresh salads, all-day snacks, and power-packed meals at this healthy restaurant. For avocado lovers, there’s The Cartel Wrap With Chicken; the Warm Hippy Salad; the Smashed Avocado Toast; and more.
  2. The Don
    the don
    This tiny Andheri eatery serves some delectable rice bowls. Avocado aficionados will love their Avocado Don bowl; Salmon Avocado bowl; and Zuke Maguro Don (tuna and avocado in wasabi-flavoured sauce)
  3. Nom Nom – Versova
    nom nom
    While literally all the dishes on their menu are delicious, we’d recommend the avocado nigiri; the salmon and avocado uramaki roll; and the rolled avocado, cucumber, cream cheese with raw mango togarashi salsa from the sushi bar.
  4. Silver Beach Cafe
    silver beach cafe
    This European restaurant serves avocado in innovative ways. Try the Grilled Jalapenos Polenta Steaks (with Mexican beans, avocado chutney and lotus stem chips) and the Smoked Chicken and Avocado Sandwich.
  5. Dimsum & More
    If you’re a fan of Thai or Chinese food, you’ll love ordering from this restaurant. Sushi lovers will enjoy the Avocado Roll, which is both reasonably priced and delicious.
  6. Woodside Inn
    woodside inn
    Everyone’s favourite pub-style bar offers lip-smacking food and drinks. The Andheri outpost serves a healthy Tofu Scrambled On Whole Wheat Toast (with avocado and melted Gouda) and a Fresh Kale, Grilled Tofu, Avocados, Asparagus And Tossed Walnuts Salad.
  7. Tea Villa Cafe
    tea villa cafe
    This popular café has branches across the city, all serving comfort food. If you’re an avocado lover, we’d recommend you give their Avocado Bocconcini Grilled Sandwich a shot.
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