Top 10 Brainstorming Games for Kids

Games for Kids

It’s summer finally. Though the summers may seem the usual for many of us, for the kids, it’s the most awaited season. Why so?, you may ask. Well its finally vacation time for them, which means a break from their normal school routine and lots and lots of play time. This, at times becomes a matter of concern for parents, as they cannot let their kids play for the entire day. You may want your kids to do something other than that. And if you’ve been wondering how you could do that, we’ll tell you. Here are some indoor games, brainstorming games by Hamleys available on Scootsy that you could play with your kids, thus making sure that they are doing something productive as well.

1)  Ludo Play Set 180*160:

When at home, what could be better than the traditional Ludo game that has always been on the top of our favourites’ list. The best part is that the kids can play this with the whole family which ensures entertainment for all. You can take it while on a picnic as well. This one is definitely a must have, not just for kids, but for you too.

Ludo Play Set

2)  Hamley’s Travel Chinese Checkers Game:

We definitely love games that can have multiple players, and Chinese Checkers is one of them too. Like the other board games that involve planning and strategy, this one comes in a handy Hamleys red travel bag, thus you can carry it while you’re on a vacation too.

Travel Chinese Checkers Game

3)  Mi Ridiculous Rectangles:

This IQ challenge will help your kids think harder and resolve this puzzle, and it ensures entertainment as well. With 8 different puzzle challenges, this one will make sure that your kids don’t complain about not having enough playtime this summer.

Mi Ridiculous Rectangles

4) Chess Toysbox:

Even though it’s considered to be the most complex game that one could ever learn, owing to the extensive amount of strategy that one needs to plan while playing it, once you understand the rules, it can be fun to play and since the rules would never change, your kids could learn the skills that would last for a lifetime.

Chess Toy Box

5) Funskool Rubiks Cube:

A traditional Indian game now considered worldwide as a classic, this is a simple race contest with no complex rules. The best way to keep the children engage is to bring them FUnskool Rubiks Cube. It is excellent game to enhance problem solving skill.

Rubiks Cube

6) 6 Metal Puzzle Set:

If your child is of the imaginative kind, then this game is definitely a must have. Let your kids imagine to the best of their potential as they try to create various shapes using these metal pieces, which are of no particular shape, but all unique. And the more your kids play with this, they more they will love it. This one would be the perfect example of ‘entertainment with a twist’.

Metal Puzzle Set

7) Funskool monopoly India Edition:

Monopoly is a game that is just not limited to any age group. Children as well as adults can play it, which is why it still is one of the most popular board games commonly played in families. This one is perfect when you are having a day off and just need to play something, providing you know the rules,  thus you could teach your kids too.

Funskool Monopoly India Edition

8) Marvin’s Magic 100 Amazing Magic Tricks:

Kids love magicians and all the seemingly impossible to perform tricks. Now while you can’t become a magician, you can help your kids learn the basic tricks. It includes 100 easy to perform tricks that could bring out the magician within your kids.

Marvin's Magic 100 Amazing Magic Tricks

9) Uno Card Game

This indeed is the most convenient game to play, as it only consists of a pack of cards and the rules are quite simple wherein you just have to match the number or colour of your card with your opponent. You can carry it with you which adds to its convenience.

Uno Card Game

10) Toysbox Brainvita by Hamleys:

A very interesting game to play with, this one would help your kid think of various strategies as the only objective of this game is to empty the board with valid moves. A single player game, with this your kid wouldn’t need anything else to play with.

Toysbox Brainvita by Hamleys

So go ahead, pick your favourite brainstorming games and give your kids something to look forward to.


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