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Hamleys - Lower Parel

Calinou Doll And Fashion Accessories

Calinou Doll And Fashion Accessories

Hamleys - Lower Parel

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Please note This is an assortment pack 1 will be supplied and picked at random Colours and decorations may vary A truly delightful dressup baby doll, complete with an extensive collection of hair accessories brilliant for encouraging your childs imagination, early motor skills and nurturing side, but also handily designed to ensure none of those little bits get lost forever under the sofa, in the garden or in the play room This Doll and Accessories Carry Set is part of a beautiful and detailed collection of dolls and musthave doll accessories Little boys and girls love to pretend and play makebelieve, which is why they will love this adorable collection of dolls, doll accessories and doll furniture from CalinouDressup baby doll, is complete with an extensive collection of hair accessories like rubber bands, hair clips, beads, hairbrush, etc, the novelty of this chubbyckeeked doll is that you can carry her along anywhere as she comes in a portable carry case, hang the carry case on your shoulder and take her along for a holiday or to a friends house, this doll is your constant companionMothers can give their little girls tasks like brushing the dolls hair and making sure it is never untangled additionally, children can try hairstyles like braiding and buns and coordinate colors for rubber bands and hair clips the doll will pose as a model to showcase your childs creativity, boosting her selfconfidence and enhancing her creativityHigh quality material used makes sure that the product remains comfortable in the hands of the child and durable for a long period

Brand Name :Calinou

Color :Multi Coloured

Size (LxBxH) :33x25x10 cms

Product Wt. :0

Age :3 years+

Powered or non powered :Non Powered