Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is Scootsy?

    Scootsy is an online app cum portal aimed to provide one-stop one-click solution to your entire restaurant and urgent necessity needs. Scootsy offers services that include food delivery through the food menu as published, from 100s of premium as well your favorite eating houses as well as restaurants in Mumbai and its suburbs (Coming soon from rest of India) serving various cuisines and delicacies. In addition, Scootsy also delivers you quick eatables to overcome your hunger pangs as well as certain products that are small but adds to your cropped urgent needs. These products could be found under “Scootsy” SOS category.

  • How does Scootsy work?
  • What kind of restaurant do you have under your services?
  • Can I order beverages?
  • How do I know if my order got through?
  • Can I choose items from multiple restaurants in a single order?
  • Can we customize our order and not strictly based on menu?
  • What is your price range like?
  • Are there any extra delivery charges? If yes, how much are the charges?
  • Is your site secure? How can I be sure?
  • What are your payment methods?
  • How long will the delivery take?
  • If the delivery is late, do I get some discount?
  • Do you still deliver during heavy rain?
  • Where is my food? Who do I call to check on my food?
  • How do I cancel my order?
  • How do I make changes to my order?
  • How many email or SMS will I receive? Why I have received multiple SMS or emails?
  • Why did I not receive email or SMS pertaining to order processing?
  • What if the delivered items are not as ordered?
  • What if the delivered food quality is unacceptable? How do I get a refund?
  • How do I provide feedback?
  • How do I sign up for a Scootsy account?
  • Is there a membership fee when I sign up for a Scootsy account?
  • What if I'm not at home when the delivery boy comes by? Will they redeliver?
  • What is the Return/ Exchange Policy on the Products you carry?
  • How can I know if the products under the health category are genuine?
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